Happy Birthday, Me!

This morning just before my husband sent our firstborn to my in-laws’ place, he wished me a happy birthday.

He returned, got dressed for work and gave me a peck on my forehead like always. He wished me a happy birthday again with his right hand caressing my left cheek.

I was still in a groggy state of mind, half awake and half nursing my little precious. All I could afford was an mmhmm thank you.

The other day, he cheekily remarked that my birthday present would be delayed. He even chuckled that maybe he could get something from Carousell first. Tsk tsk so naughty.

Alhamdulillah I’ve got the most wonderful gift this year – the arrival of our 2nd hero and it’s beautiful how my prayers for a December baby was answered. Life since has been a happy riot so far and I know we will not want to have it another way.

There is really nothing more I would ask for. The past 28 years have sculpted me the way I am today and I believe I will always enjoy this journey ahead, with His consent. Happy birthday, me. 🙂



We’ll be celebrating a year of engagement on his birthday! How time flies. Still remember how it was like counting down to our mini big day (I couldn’t stop thinking about it, would share with Sadiq just how thankful I was that we are in this wonderful journey together every few days back then ..basically you get my drift, all the mushy stuff, hee) and now it’s our wedding… 🙂

I have a mini celebration planned out for him for being the sweetest to me. Nothing pleases me more seeing the love of my life happy.

These days, we’d text each other useful messages pertaining to marriage that we got from the Net. Sometimes we poke fun and add in a little mischief but at the end of it all, I know that we exchange such texts as sweet reminders of what is about to come. Sure makes me feel all warm inside when we discuss more about our marriage itself and not just about the wedding.

Come 15 June, it will be 3 months more to our big day! Three. Wow. And in that month itself, we’d also be busy with our future room, which is occupied by Kak Lis at present. Don’t wanna get started thinking about her moving out, ‘cos I’ll get all emotional. Sigh. 😦

So yup, looking forward to all the furniture moving and basically having a new roommate in 3 months’ time! Cannot wait lor. Tee hee.


Birthday Treat

If there’s one thing about Sadiq that I am amused with, it’s his ability to be mad at me for arranging time off from work a.k.a holidays but then getting all happy and satisfied after the trip. It’s a pattern, a really annoying one, but because I love him deep deep, I think it’s endearing.

Granted that it was my birthday treat from him, but I think it was more of him to pamper himself too. He’s been working nonstop; some weeks, having no offs at all. Yet he’s not complaining, liking it in fact. I’d always tease him that if the opportunity comes for him to work 24/7, he’d take it up without delay. Haha.

To see him work so hard for our future? My heart worries sometimes, but I know that these are sacrifices. Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian. We’ll reap what we sow in time to come.




Thank you sayang, I truly enjoyed the spa, food and time spent together. 🙂 Oh, and who can forget the ingenious idea of lighting up a matchstick (there were no candles) on top of my brownie birthday cake when midnight struck? Too cute.

Ho Ho Holiday

11 more days to the end of the year, but it feels as though Sadiq and I just welcomed 2011 by playing with sparklers at East Coast. I still remember how I was half mad at him for cutting short my birthday trip and not wanting to spend NYE overseas, which I thought could have been more fun. He loves Singapore just too much, I reckon. :p

Anyway! I hope this trend of celebrating my birthday overseas continues for as long as possible. Sadiq’s sweet enough to take a short break from work (in case you didn’t know, my fiancé is passionate about his job that he might just work 24/7 if given the opportunity) so this upcoming trip is specially catered to pamper us with spa treatments and whatnot. Most importantly, it’s also to pamper ..me!

2011 was magnificent, just the way I envisioned it to be. 2012 is going to be just as awesome, if not more. Simply perfect! 😀

Two Weeks And One Day

My birthday is in 15 days’ time. Whee! Yes yes, I know I’m a very ‘late’ baby. While people are happily gearing up for the new year, I am excitedly looking forward to the day I turn a year older (and hopefully, wiser).

5 working days away from my splendid leave too; can you imagine the awesome free time that I’ll have to myself!? So darn happy about it. Plus I’ve no school and whatnot so it’ll be perfect.

I love December! 😀

My Favourite Month

It’s really scary sometimes to know how time simply zooms by. I remember my January vividly at times, like it was yesterday. How I was dreading the first quarter of the year so badly…

But now? November is coming to an end. Time waits for no man and it’s really now or never when it comes to certain plans and decisions.

Anyway… My favorite month is going to be here in less than 48 hours! Excited much, because it’s MY month. 😛

I’ll turn a year older and hopefully, wiser …plus the fact that it’s gonna be my last singlehood birthday (insya’Allah) just makes me all giggly. I foresee myself being in a mentel mode most this coming month. Hee hee.

Glitter On My Finger

Never knew that the search for a ring was a highly exciting one. I had several designs in my head already, we had a budget to stick to, but there were so many beautiful rings and yes, you guessed it, I was bowled over by the diamonds.

We took two days to decide on the ring. His family members were helpful in making sure that I like what I chose and that really made it all more wonderful. His mum especially, had similar interests as me which definitely made me feel very comfortable.

Sadiq? Not really. He, perhaps a usual trait in a man, thought all of them looked similar until of course on the 2nd day, his eyes were glued on this beautiful glitter. I was shocked myself by his choice and despite it being way over his budget, he relented in purchasing it.

I still remember his questions, “You suka tak? Kalau suka, amek nie aje.” (“Do you like it? If you like, just take this.”) I remember thinking he was half kidding. Too sweet. We went through the budget again, and after contemplation, he said it was all right for him to splurge on my ring since we were going to have a simple engagement i.e. no expensive stuff as our hantaran gifts.

Ah, the perks of having a simple engagement. 🙂 We’ve tentatively agreed on wedding bands for our rings and we’ve decided to recce nearer to our big day.

Anyway, it actually still feels surreal to know that all of this is happening soon. I’ve even told him to make sure that my upcoming birthday will be extra special since it would be my last singlehood birthday and he went, “Aiyah no need lah. You’ll be spending it with me from next year onwards as my wife, what…”

Well, true that. But I don’t care. Still want extra fun and happy birthday celebration for my 24th! :p