Sweet Like Sugar


My sweetest doing his daily ritual with my tummy. “Hi baby, if you hear me, kick okay?”

I chuckle every single time he does it, because he rarely gives up until baby makes a movement, no matter how tiny it is.

I’m at 6 months and 3 days now. The last lap of my 2nd trimester. Wow oh wow, where did all the time go…



I love how Sadiq is not groggy in the early mornings. It amazes me how we can actually strike proper conversations about random stuff. I’m a morning person (well, sort of) so I’m happy my husband does not turn into a hulk when I engage him in conversations.

Anyway, guess what was the cutest thing he said on a random morning one day? I woke up to him excitedly exclaiming this…

“You, you, yesterday bile you dah tidur kan, I tap tap your tummy and said ‘if you hear daddy’s voice, kick here’ and baby kick sey you!!!”

Wah I wanted to melt. Why so comel, my dear husband!

See how happy you’ve made your father to be just with that one little kick, my dear little hero. He loves you so much. How do I know, you ask?

Well, mummy knows best… :p

A Little Bit Of Heaven On Earth

Today, Sadiq and I witnessed the cutest thing ever done by our baby. While the nurse was moving the transducer probe around my belly to show us his facial organs, baby was initially facing up so we could only see his side view.

The nurse started pointing out his eyes, nose and lips. I ooh-ed and aah-ed but honestly, from my lying down position, I could not make out anything. I thought that Sadiq probably felt the same way as I did because I noticed his squinting eyes trying to figure out what the nurse was pointing out on the black and white display.

Before we knew it, baby turned to face us in that split second, as if listening to what was in my heart at that particular time. That moment lasted for about five seconds, which to me was a pretty long time. Baby seemed to want to communicate with us. Truly heartwarming. Sadiq reached out his phone to capture the moment but he mentioned how the screen was too bright and thus, it was tough to do so.

I sure did not mind. This was enough for me. My eyes were simply fixated on the screen and for that magical moment, I felt a sudden rush of emotions. There, on the display, our beautiful baby…

With all praises to Allah, our little cutie weighs 336 grams now and is at a wonderful state of health. I am also very grateful that it has been a smooth pregnancy for me as well so far.

I am even more thankful that Sadiq has been physically present with me at every appointment for the past 5 months. I can understand how he may feel lesser fetal bonding since baby is in me, hence, being there with me and seeing all the thingamagic that occurs during our visits to the gynae, not only allows him to bond with our son but with me as well.

I’ve said this once and I will say this again. I love my belly, even Sadiq adores it too. (Well, he has to! If not……..) Came across this wonderful quote which I thought perfectly sums up about how we both feel at this moment.

Dean and I laughed about it later, but we were sincere. The belly is cool. It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, an unmistakable sign of what’s going on inside, the wigwam for our little squirmer, the mark of my undeniable superpower of baby-making. I loved the belly and its freaky awesomeness, and especially the flutters, kicks, and bumps from within.

It’s A…



..BOY! 😀

Syukur alhamdulilah. Any gender would have been perfect for us, but with God’s will, a cute little boy is growing in my tumtum this very second!

Recalling how the gynae broke the news to us will always be a funny memory.  I asked Sadiq to video the special moment.

Gynae: Okay… So let’s see whether baby is a boy or girl. As you can see, baby is a boy. See the white thing there? Congratulations, you have a baby boy!

Sadiq: *muttering under his breath* YES! … Oh, boy, alright. Alright…

HAHAHAHA dah excited abeh nak maintain cool. So much for being okay with any gender, Muhammad Sadiq. But yeyyy, we are having a son! A cute little boy. A mini Sadiq. Whom we will slobber with kisses and suffocate with tight hugs all the time. We are looking forward… :p

May you grow up to be someone with a good heart, dear future son. Everyone around you will always shower you with lots of love. Everyone. Especially your mum and dad.

Knock Knock, Who’s There?

“Your baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip) and is around 5 inches long from head to bottom. Your baby can move his or her joints, and sweat glands are starting to develop.”

So hey, hi baby! 5 inches is about 12.7 centimetres long and I actually took out a ruler to find out how long that is. Turns out that it is exactly the distance between my thumb and index finger, fully stretched. 5 ounces also means that baby is about 141.7 grams. Looking forward to find out what’s his/her weight during our check up tomorrow. So far, Sadiq and I have been told that our angel is at a good size and weight so that always makes us feel thankful. Nothing makes us happier to know that baby is healthy.

Oh and yeah, tomorrow will hopefully be the day we find out about the gender! Friends have been asking me about this and most of them feel that I am carrying a mini-me. I suspect that it’s because this mummy to-be is very mentel and my tummy seems a lot more rounder. Some also appear surprised when I tell them that I wanted my firstborn to be a boy at first (this has always been in my mind probably since I was um, teenager? Mentel mah, kecik-kecik dah think about all this) but funny how when I became pregnant, the preference did not really matter.

Sadiq is also okay with either or, but I definitely can see his eyes twinkle a bit more when we talk about baby being a boy. Confirm plus chop, I foresee my days entertaining two boys whose favourite pastimes will be watching wrestling, snoozing away and coming up with cheeky acts to make the queen of their hearts (chehdibah) go all %$#@!.

But we all know that, rezeki itu terletak di tangan Tuhan. Kita hanya merancang, Dia saja yang menentukan. So, we pretty much welcome a mini-me or mini-Sadiq with open hearts. 😀

I read up that from 16 weeks onwards, I should be able to feel a flutter or two in my tummy which could be by baby. And I think that I have actually felt it last Saturday, when I was 16 weeks and 4 days! I just sent off Sadiq to the door (he was leaving for work) and I rested on my bed after that to continue sleeping. My left hand was on the left side of my tummy (I’ve always had a huge feeling that baby is more on my left) and for that split second, I knew I felt two taps from inside! They felt pretty distinct and were different from the usual air bubbles, gassy feeling in my stomach. If the latter had happened, I would usually reciprocate with a burp or um, fart but this time round, nothing. Hurray!

Told Sadiq about it when he came back from work. He was a little bummed that he could not feel it so he kinda sweet talked to baby to do it again. Aiyaiiii why so cute la this husband of mine.

I love how he communicates with me about our baby every now and then; be it when he is still groggy in his sleep and realises that I just woke up to pee but still bothers to ask me whether I am okay or when he touches my belly, says ‘hello babyyy’ and proceeds to smooch it… Makes me feel all glowy inside out.

(Though at times I’ll be the one who forces him to kiss it many many times! Haha. But that’s only because I can’t do that so Sadiq has to do it for the mummy lor. Hehehehe.)

11 Weeks, Baby!

Glad to have drafted my entries whenever I feel like it. On most days, I write about my feelings in a physical diary and I hope the diligent streak in me will last throughout these 40 weeks. Hehe. So far, I’ve missed a few days of writing here and there, but it is always lovely to read how I was doing from the very first day Sadiq and I discovered about the existence of our angel.

Anyway, here’s my entry 5 weeks ago. My baby is now 4 months old as per yesterday. How surreal. I am officially into my second trimester! I really want time to slow down so that I will enjoy every millisecond of this beautiful journey… 🙂

Our tiny baby is 11 weeks old now – many thanks to the babycenter app I downloaded to keep track of what’s happening inside of me – and I just got a notification of how small (or big) our baby is now. Over just 4 centimetres long and looks like a fig now.

“He is already busy kicking and stretching. These tiny movements are so effortless they look like water ballet.”

It’ll be a long while till I get to finally feel our baby’s acrobatic moves and while I cannot wait to get to that stage, I am enjoying this pregnancy a lot. Taking things one step at a time. The occasional morning sickness comes and goes; on average, I would feel all wonky and funky once a week. I do not just do it in the toilet but anywhere feasible actually to puke if I am in public places.

Let’s just say I left a little piece of me behind Tanah Merah Station and Joo Chiat carpark. Ha ha, could not help it la. 😛

I’ve succumbed to bringing a plastic bag wherever I go now. Just in case. The thought that there is something to whip out when that familiar nausea kicks in strangely makes me feel all better sometimes. And oh, how can I forget, my trusty minyak kapak.

There was once where I woke up from a nap, felt hungry but nauseous at the same time and after a few spoonfuls of Ibu’s soup kambing, I felt the urge to throw up. Thank goodness I asked Sadiq to hand me a paper bag that was on the dining table (it’s as if it knew that its purpose was to hold my um, yeah) and just as I opened the bag, a merlion I transformed into. Eventually went to the toilet and believe it or not, after it was all done and over with, I resumed eating and even finished every bit of the bowl. Hahahaha. Strange how it seemed as though I did not vomit my guts out a few minutes ago. Even Sadiq was amused.

Speaking of my dear husband, I must say he has been nothing but wonderful to me. I usually fall asleep first (perhaps due to the pregnancy hormones or it could just be me the not-so-night owl) and when I wake up in the middle of the night to pee, I feel his hand on my tummy and it sure makes me smile. Yeah I know I know, could it be that his hand just happens to land on my tummy that night? Haha, alah give chance to me la to feeling feeling…

Next check up will be on 14 December, next Friday. I only pray that our baby is healthy and developing well in my womb. In shaa Allah, amin. 🙂