32 Weeks

Down with a nasty throat inflammation means that my voice resembles a frog now, or as my dear Mister aptly says it, “Eh malam you night shift kat Lorong Bekukong, eh?” Kong asam punya husband. Immunity very low these days, so cannot help it, especially since little E has been battling with an almost week long phlegmy cough. My heart aches a little bit whenever I hear him coughing because I know how exasperating it can feel like. At least, us adults can attempt to cough out all the yucky phlegm…so these days and nights, I’d just rub his back, hoping some magic will happen in between.

He’s still a ball of sugar, (sick or not, his battery does not seem to run out of energy not surprisingly) currently his favourite antics are acting out the whole of Boboiboy’s characters in some pseudo taekwondo/silat/taichi moves. Just the other day during my girlfriend’s wedding, he acted them out near the huge space in front of the dais and some of the makciks were too tickled by his actions.

Hahahaha and if I may add, Sadiq has even repetitively asked me in a deadpan manner, “I nak tanya. Seriously you, time pregnant dengan Eyshan, you makan apa nie?” Erupted into laughter, no less. Kong asam punya husband.

So right now, he envisions his secondborn to be different like Eyshan, possibly the more relax jack kinda boy. I tell him yeah sure, we all know every child is going to be different but hey, I sure look forward to energizer bunnies. In fact, I actually foresee them teaming up and scheming against us parents in the near future… Good luck to us certainly, double trouble from the dynamic duo. Insya’Allah.

Currently at 56.9kg and I believe I’m much heavier than when I was with Eyshan at 32 weeks. Even my gynae let slip about how baby’s tummy during measurements is a little gedempol. We also had the 3D scan done yesterday and baby was doing a little salute. Masya’Allah I get goosebumps just thinking about this beauty in me. May you grow strong and healthy as always, my handsome little hero. ❤


Belly Good

I’m approaching my 8 months pregnancy mark soon and this belly of mine keeps on getting bigger (hehe duh!) such that it’s no longer a nice feeling sleeping on either side at times. I find myself preferring the right side though; I can sleep much longer throughout the night. The left side gives me the creeps sometimes, there will be this weird full feeling near my left rib cage area which leaves me in discomfort. Does not help that Eyshan absolutely loves being on my left boob and has to hug me to sleep after he latches off.

Speaking of which, there are times he pulls me so much closer to him we are practically nose to nose and I think about how I am gonna miss all this when his baby brother arrives.

Baby has been growing awesome so far. I’m still having occasional morning sickness and nausea, the usual suspects like swollen feet and leg cramps (simpul biawak) have not struck me yet though and I am more than thankful. I vividly remember how my feet expanded to two sizes bigger and leg cramps visited me almost fortnightly after the second trimester with Eyshan. :O

All is good, all praises to Allah and I keep on praying that things will be smooth all the way. Ameen! Ibu, Abah and Abang Eyshan love you many many, our baby!

The Birth Story – Finale

9 June 2013

I woke up for Fajr prayers at about 5.50am and on my way to the toilet, I felt as though there was water trickling down my upper inner right thigh. In all my grogginess, I thought that I had accidentally peed, especially since control of the bladder at that stage was a little weaker than usual, so as I entered the toilet, my first instincts were to squat down and pee. On hindsight, I really wonder what made me do that, considering that my round belly was in the way and well, it was just much easier to sit on the toilet bowl right?

Trust that my insticts immediately led my eyes to bulge open (from all the sleepiness) when I saw traces of blood. I actually took a sniff from the water that was trickling down, and what do you know, it did not smell like urine at all. Jeng jeng jeng.

“Could this be my waterbag leaking!?”
“Oh my god so fun baby is probably gonna come out todayyyy!”

I took my time to google about this and saw responses like I could either wait it out till surges from contractions came or I could just check it out with the hospital if I was uncertain. I figured we would go ahead with the latter and calm ourselves down rather than risk it. First time kiasu mother to-be lah katakan. Hehe.

“You you, wake up, my waterbag leak. Kita gi hospital yok?”

He woke up almost immediately, with no questions asked, went to shower and it probably was funny to see him that way because he appeared so calm. If you must know, my husband is a kancheong man. We did our prayers, woke Ibu up to tell her that we were heading to Parkway East and it was pretty emotional because anything can happen in labour…I simply asked for her forgiveness, blessings and prayers that it will be a smooth one for me.

7AM: Reached PEH and checked myself in. Sadiq even asked me, “You, I slalu tengok orang nak beranak macam dah terbongkok-bongkok gitu, how come you macam steady je?” (Haha looking back, steady habis…) We were sent to the labour ward, I weighed myself again for the last time – 58.9kg. They strapped me to the bed and checked baby’s heartbeat, all were normal. A nurse told me that my gynae had been informed and was making his way there.

8AM: Gynae came to do a vaginal examination on me and I was not surprised at all when he said that I was only 1cm dilated. Really thought that I would be sent home. Instead, he calmy said that if all goes well, I would be giving birth at about 6p.m., if dilation goes 1cm up every hour.

We totally forgot that I would be served breakfast so Sadiq, went to get some for me nearby. Halfway through, I was asked to choose my breakfast. Haha. No prizes for guessing who finished it all up. Then the nurse came to insert a fluid up my anus to clear my bowels. I was told that I could still eat if I want to, just not something heavy.

9.30AM: Had my Milo and raw egg. Energy booster. We packed a lot of dates and I was happily munching on them too. Contractions came and went, not too intense as I was also monitoring them via my iPhone app. Took pictures and told myself that I should catch some sleep if possible.

11AM: Contractions were starting to increase in power. Kept remembering all the tips to relax and let my body follow through the surges.

2PM: Contractions were getting more intense. Nurse came in and checked that I was only 2cm dilated. Gave me options of using the gas mask, pethydine jab or epidural. Opted for the gas mask.

5PM: I probably went a little crazy with the contractions. I remember wanting Sadiq to not pray first to accompany me and give support. Hur hur. Doctor came again and told me that I was 5cm dilated. He told me that if all goes well I would give birth in the evening.

Half an hour later or so, I remember feeling a whoosh of wetness at my down under and realised that my waterbag had burst. Wah. Told Sadiq to call the nurse in and she mumbled something about baby pooping inside already and I got a little more worried. (I rememeber this happened to my sister when she was in labour and they were worried if baby was eating his own poop.) The nurse assured me that everything was okay though but she encouraged me to take the pethydine jab. I relented because I know I did not want to succumb to epidural and true enough, the jab at the thigh helped me so much. Haha.

8pm: Woke up from a nap (yup, I managed to nap in the middle of labour! HAHA) and happy to know I was almost there. 8cm dilated. Waited a little more and this is where everything started being more chaotic and havoc because I felt like pushing every now and then. Yet I was instructed by the nurses not to do so because I could “rupture” (on hindsight, such negative terms can be so traumatic to parents to-be in the delivery ward). I remember Sadiq googling about what could happen and all and I could she all the worried lines on his face.

At one point, he even passed me the gask mask, raised his voice, high-pitched and in all seriousness at my womb, “BABY…COOPERATE! DON’T PUSH, MUMMY IS NOT READY YETTTT” I swear I wanted to laugh, seeing him so panicky like that but now that I think about it, it must be even scarier for him on the other side as he probably felt uncertain, and even helpless to ease my pain. (Anyway, this story will go a long way because whenever we talk about my labour story, Sadiq will sheepishly smile and deny that he did this at all. Men and their ego hmmmph.)

10pm: So yup, the craziness was due to end soon. Doctor was called in when I was ready to deliver and I pushed about 5 times before I could see our little bundle of joy. Indescribable moment, definitely because the next thing I saw right in front of me after pushing was MY baby at 10.27pm!

True what the rest of the mummies say, once you see your baby, all the pain just ..vanished! POOF. All I wanted to do was to keep reminding Sadiq to take photos of our baby, using my phone no less. My phone camera quality was so much better mah. Hehehehe.


I am basically in awe of my body’s strength after that arduous journey of contractions, pushing, etc. Makes you feel so empowered that you can actually do anything. Like a superwoman. Almost 10 months of carrying my 3.08 kilos baby and this little human being was finally out after 15 hours of labour. All praises to Him for granting me the strength, really. And for giving us such a handsome sweetheart. Oh, and not forgetting, for a husband who was there for and with me at every single step.

I have a beautiful family. 🙂

The Birth Story – Part 2

8 June 2013

No cramps, nothing, just the usual lethargy. Kept reminding myself that I should be more mobile to aid the labour process that may come anytime soon. Perfect timing since we were also getting the baby cot ready after collecting it from Kak Lis’s place the night before.

We managed to complete everything at around early afternoon, then Sadiq wanted to visit his sister who gave birth a few days ago. He asked whether I wanted to follow. Told him that I did not mind staying home, just in case (haha mummy’s instincts at work probably) so he went ahead without me and reminded me umpteen times to call him if I felt even the slightest discomfort.

Ibu was with me at home, too and I remember her checking up on me every half an hour or so in my room. My parents also cancelled their plans to JB that day. They wanted to stay overnight there but alas, decided not to. Maybe it was grandmother’s instincts at work too. Hehe.

I actually felt okay the entire day, though I knew I had very minor contractions going on. I never really knew how a contraction would feel like, especially since I have never really suffered from menstrual cramps, only backaches, so most of the times, when a cramp hit me, it was like trivia time for myself.

“Err, was that a cramp?”
“Ow ow, pain. Eh no more?”

Clueless I was, really. I just knew I wanted to ‘enjoy’ the day, being alone with baby in my womb. Even though there was no spotting or a waterbag leak and all… There was a very strong feeling that it would be the last afternoon with baby in me, somehow.

And boy, was I right… 🙂

Lights Camera Action

I had been toying with the idea of having a maternity photoshoot (probably since before I got pregnant even, ha ha ha) and I told Sadiq that we must do it. At least for our first little one. Surprisingly enough, he agreed! To an outdoor one, no less.

Grabbed a deal off Groupon and thankfully, they had slots for the weekend after I booked it. I was worried that delaying it might mean that the opportunity would be gone since June weekends are pretty risky since baby could ‘pop’ anytime, so we managed to secure a slot on the last Sunday of May. Yey!

It was raining rhinos and buffalos when we approached Fort Canning though so we were praying mighty hard that the shoot will not be called off. I remember telling Sadiq that we will save this slot for when baby is out then, but lo and behold, those dark grey clouds cleared up and the weather was all sunny again. Double yey! Thank you Allah.

Pictures are not with me yet, it’ll take them some time to process the raw images and send them to me as I opted for the additional top-up deal. The photographer showed me a slideshow of the photos taken and I must say, that for such an affordable deal, we had an absolutely great time and I was also impressed by the pictures taken.

Will post them up soon when the images are with me. For the fun of it, here are my (berlapok) pre-wedding photoshoot pictures. Hehehehe.

v37 v12 v2

9 months of pure matrimonial bliss on this 15th. And I thought, counting down to the wedding was fast. Marriage life is sure kicking in fast ..and furious! :p

My Heart Outside My Body

We have started spring cleaning to welcome our little hunk in a …..month and a day’s time! Tomorrow is the 19th already which means baby will be here before we even know it.

I’m praying hard that he will arrive in June, simply because it’s the daddy to-be’s birthday month as well. I tease Sadiq every single time about this, “see, when baby comes out in June, I technically have the immunity from buying presents for you ‘cos I would have given you the most precious one and other presents simply won’t match up…….”

Of course, Sadiq will just turn a deaf ear to all that. But really, I’ve been sweet talking to my little boy to come out next month, it’d be even sweeter if he comes out on Sadiq’s birthday itself (25 June) which is absolutely not impossible since my EDD is 19 June, but hey melampau pulak kan ask for too much hehe…

What’s most important is he comes out whenever he’s ready. Allah is the best of planners, I know I’ll be in good hands when the time comes, in shaa Allah.

So yeah, back to spring cleaning for our little one. We have bought storage from Ikea for baby’s cute stuff and started on the laundry so far. Caught myself staring at the piles of tiny clothes the other day, it’s so surreal that I’m gonna be dressing up our baby boy in time to come.

I am going to be a mother and this quote sums up perfectly just how I have been feeling the past months.

“Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone

Tummy Talk

Oh wow, it’s been almost 3 months since I have neglected this space. Time just flies when you’re having fun and in my case, it’s been loads of fun caring for the little one in my tummy.

Baby is 34 weeks and 2 days old today ……how fast right!? It’s less than three weeks to full term, which means that by 29 May onwards, I’m actually good to ‘pop’ anytime. In shaa Allah.

Many have been asking me how I feel right now and whoa, the last time I felt this way was probably when I was counting down to my wedding. I’ve been blessed with a smooth pregnancy so far so I cannot be anymore grateful. Sure, the aches and nausea have been my very good friends for the past eight months or so, but hey, what’s a little sacrifice… Hehe, especially when it comes to welcoming my precious gift into the world soon enough. 🙂

Sadiq and I have been getting all the essentials and it would also be time for me soon to prepare my hospital birth bag in a few days’ time. We have agreed to leave it in the car for standby purposes.

And as I am typing this down, my little hunk is extra active right now… It’s as if he knows that he will be out soon… 🙂