Brothers For Life

Previously I used to chance upon articles that shared about one’s 2nd pregnancy and the jitters a potential mother of two would feel. Having to ‘divide’ the time, care and most importantly love between the two. I will search for the article again and regularly read it because I think it’s helpful. Eventually, the article summarizes how there is no such thing as division of love, instead multiplication ensues further with the arrival of a 2nd bundle of joy.

And I cannot agree more.

Sure, there are times where I think to myself whether I will be a fair mother. As if juggling a husband and a baby is not challenging enough, now there is another one who needs my love and attention. I’m a believer that love’s only purpose is to be spread around. I’m even excited to see how I will be like with another new addition.

In case the title above does not already give you a hint of what gender I am expecting right now… I am expecting a baby brother for my dear Eyshan! Just thinking about it makes me smile because I’ve always loved to see closeness between brothers and to actually be able to be responsible in inculcating such values in my children (insya’Allah) simply makes me even feel more blessed.

I know Abang E is gonna be an awesome brother. He showers kisses to my tummy with a loud “muaaaaah” and instantaneously goes, “hug?” coupled with a cheek-to-tummy experience right after the smooch. Aww. Feels like he is so grown up already.

My beautiful little family is growing. In numbers, in love and in happiness.