One Year Ago

16 October 2012 was the day Sadiq and I discovered about a mini-us in my tummy. Read my pregnancy diary and I must say, it brought back very sweet memories. I chuckled to myself, paused reading even at certain posts, simply because I wanted to immerse in that particular memory for a little longer.

Was supposed to get my menses a few days earlier (12-13 October) but days passed and my ‘down under’ was still clean! :O

So… Sadiq and I wasted no time in buying a pregnancy kit. Most of the shops were closed by that time (10 plus at night) so we stopped by a petrol kiosk. Hehe.

I was already asleep in the car on the way home but fatigue did not stop me from testing. Reached home, unwrapped the kit, said our prayers and I remember telling myself that “if it is meant to be, it will be…”

And I peed! For 5 seconds. Then had to wait somemore for 5 minutes…

And… TA-DAH! The results were staring back at us.

There had to be 2 vertical lines to indicate a positive result and we got, um, one and a half? The test line was pretty faint and we kept wondering whether I was really pregnant and stuff like that. The kit instructions specifically said that as long as there was a line, we could for sure say that it was positive. So… Positive it is! 😀 Alhamdulillah.

– Future mummy, insya’Allah 🙂

It’s been a year since that fateful night. I recall the days where I would look forward to the 9a.m. notification from my babycenter app every Wednesday because that was the day that our little hero turned a week older in my tummy.

I would silently squeal and imagine how he would look like swimming in me. I would printscreen every related information I came across on the web to increase my awareness. How I watched countless pregnancy videos just so that I would know his stage of progress week by week and would show it to Sadiq almost all the time till he made remarks like, “Nie kan you dah tengok kelmarin?” Hahaha I was pretty obsessed, I must say.

And then I recall about how Sadiq would use to give me very awesome back massages at night, sometimes even without me asking for them. Yes, he was that auto! Guess when you’re pregnant, you can just demand anything and everything and you would get it. :p



Seeing my girlfriends tie the knot one by one the past few weeks makes me happy. Inevitably, I keep thinking about how mine’s gonna be like. Mentel mode alert.

Feels like yesterday that we just got engaged and soon, it’s going to be 9 months to our wedding, insya’Allah. So far, everything’s been wonderful. I don’t know what I have done to deserve someone like Sadiq really. It’s amazing how he makes time for me despite his busy work schedule. Seeing him work hard for the sake of our future is simply heartwarming… 🙂

I still remember our conversation 4 years ago, probably the first about our future. Where things were still grey, our relationship only a few months old and we were probably even too young to think about the unknown.

Look at where we are right now, patience is indeed a virtue…

Bachelorette Night

Liyana’s bachelorette night was a success! So much crazy fun, so much wacky laughter and so much sweet love. My TKGS girlfriends are a bunch of amazing girls I’ve ever met and I’m truly fortunate to have them in my life up till today.

10 years of friendship, look how much we’ve grown and changed. From teenage girls donning the green pinafore and whose everyday woes were about boys breaking our hearts, homework becoming a daily chore and teachers being a pain in our asses, we’ve transformed…

Now, it’s about getting hitched to our dreams and finding eternal bliss. In a few years’ time, we’ll get together with our little children…

Near or far, we will always be here for one another. Distance will never be a factor… 🙂

2 Weeks More To Aidilfitri

It’a already 2 weeks of Ramadhan?! That was, um, fast. I guess time just seems to zoom by as you grow older, eh? When I was younger, I remember feeling like the days seem to drag by and Hari Raya seemed so far away.

Now, I wake up and I go, “What, next next week is already Raya!?”

So exciting! I’ve yet to find my baju though 😦 Somehow this year, my sisters did away with tailoring our clothes not on purpose. I think we kept procrastinating, forgot about it along the way and of course, totally missed the deadline.

Which means that I gotta find my baju soon. I’ve gone around Geylang bazaar and the likes, have seen some really pretty ones but have not made up my mind yet. Even thought of going JB to buy (Ibu says there are beautiful ones!), but at this rate with time zooming by, I doubt it’ll materialize.

So the hunt is on now. Can’t wait to find my baju and oh, the Salleh family is going bloody red this year! 😀

His New Toy


In 2007, I remember being a pillion rider on a baby blue bike. Sadiq’s first bike who saw us through a lot of events like his NS days and my uni days. I remember his excuses whenever I requested him to fetch me from school, “Your school so far, my bike very slow,” which of course never really worked because I’d always told him that I’d wait. Never mind the long wait because the journey from Clementi to Bedok could be really crazy those days.

It’s no longer baby blue now, lime green took over. I saw it either late last year or early this year outside my work premises and funnily, was excited to see it again after so long somehow. Must have been the sweet memories.


He then passed his class 2A a year later and this itchy boy obviously was too happy and he got a change. Lots of memories with this bike too despite him riding it for only a year. That bike saw us to JB together for the first time and a faster bike meant that Sadiq no longer could give excuses for not fetching me from school. Absolutely adore the power of emotional blackmail.


He then changed his bike to a smaller one since he was done with NS and got his first job, which required him to move around. Cost-effective times. This bike definitely saw us through a lot as well.

For 2 years, this was my transport to work and the joy of having a box on the bike definitely made rides very comfortable. Too lazy to carry bag? Shopped too much? In the box they went.


Then, he took his class 2. Didn’t have any plans to change to a bigger bike since he was pretty happy with the previous one. I remember him initially wanting to save up for a car to be shared with his family but before I knew it, he already went to recce for the fun of it online and as they say, the rest is history.

Greater speed, greater responsibility, I told him. I’d be lying if I say that I don’t worry about him since he got hold of his new toy. Nevertheless, I’ll always hope and pray that he is safe on the roads all the time.



Wouldn’t it be amazing if our childhood moments could be reenacted and captured as a pre-wedding photoshoot? I was even thinking how wonderful it’d be if the old Temasek Primary building can still be used as the venue.

It’s 12.17 am now and my head is full of random thoughts.

Or! We could even hold it at Forum McDonald’s, because that’s where we laid eyes on each other again after 5 long years.

Still like the first idea though. Reenacting our childhood would be so special. The only physical memory that I have of us would be our um, trump card neoprint, that we took 12 years ago.

12 years. Fate is simply beautiful.

4 Years Ago

Was looking through old pictures of Sadiq and I for the fun of it to see how much we’ve, um, physically matured, so I scrutinized my other old sites (which are practically collecting dust) for them.

No prizes for guessing what I saw which made my eyes bulge. A very fleshy me in 2007.

Forgive me for being slow, but now I get it when people say that I’ve lost a lot of weight. I used to think, “Not a lot, maybe a little, but definitely not a lot.” Boy, was I wrong.

Showed Sadiq the picture through Whatsapp and he predictably went, “Good, good…” He is probably the only guy who loves his girl fleshy and round but sorry Sadiq, the only time I’ll be 10kg heavier will be due to pregnancy weight gain.