So amusing to hold conversations with Eyshan these days. I love how I am being reminded to constantly watch my language and actions around him. He really absorbs them words up like a sponge. It is also hilarious to witness him being a little Elvy. There are days where he goes, “Wow, this is amazing!” “Good morning my baby!” (I say this every morning to him and now he says it to little Eijaz once he wakes up, seriously my heart melts hearing it) or “Eh malu, you cannot show this to others” – of course, the last statement is in relation to private parts.

Yes, there are days where he goes all commando right after a shower or pee and ta-dah! he decides to show off to everyone in the house. No matter how many times I tell him not to. Sigh boys.

Anyway, he catches on to our dialogues really fast. I hear him mimicking our daily sentences most days and the best part is he remembers it well enough to repeat them accurately when the time calls for it.

Like the other time where he had to make a big step to avoid falling into the small drain, I could see how he was actually a bit apprehensive in doing so. Like, “Oh no, will I fall if I do it?” kinda statements were floating in his head, I bet. So I cheered him on and said, “C’mon you can do this sayang! Stretch your leg and you’ll be safe!” True enough he managed to (actually the longkang also not that big lah hehe).

Next day, the same thing happened and before I could even become his cheerleader, I heard him mutter to himself, “I can do this, I can do this.” And jumped he did confidently, with a proud grin on his face.

Whoa at that point of time, macam goosebumps sey. I was kind of astounded because I really did not expect that motivational self-talk almost immediately. Dawned on me that kids absorb things so fast and every single second is actually a teachable moment.

Still learning to be the best mother to my kids…and I dare say, my teachers in this field are definitely my children. ❤


Bye Bye October

Before we know it, the end of 2015 is approaching us very soon. Too soon, if I may add, because I still remember how I celebrated my 27th like it was just yesterday. Considering that my birthday is just two days shy of new year’s day, so to know that I’m going to be a year older (and hopefully, wiser!) in less than two months means time is like, always, a super bullet train.

No idea how 2016 is gonna be like. Many exciting transitions ahead which will certainly keep us on our toes each minute of the day. Just yesterday, I showed a video about bathing a newborn on my Facebook feed and cheekily said to Sadiq, “You, back to the old days very soon for us…”

Our little boss has been a clingy koala on some mornings right after he wakes up. Everything must do with Ibu. No Ibu, no talk. Even his Abah gets a little annoyed at times (I suspect he feels left out ho ho) when that happens. Usually, the little one understands when I tell him that I need to pee/bathe/get ready, but we are not so lucky sometimes so Sadiq ends up prying him away from me and he will scream bloody murder it almost sounds like he is being kidnapped or something to that extent.

Yet on most nights, I am not so needed (love this part of ‘me’ time, certainly) because the both of them will be up bonding with each other through some weird pseudo wrestling moves. I’ve seen them in action, and sometimes it is so full of drama I myself cannot take it. I mind my own business then until of course, I hear the usual, “Ibu, Ibuuuu!” and I know time with myself is up and over.

Life is wonderful. 🙂

Yakkity Yak

Cries, babbles and now, it’s yakkity yak time! Our ‘lil man can hold a proper conversation with us now albeit the lack of clarity. Most of the times, we understand what he means. When it comes to those that get our heads scratching, we’d ask him to repeat 2-3x and if we still do not get it, we’d just go “oooh ah yes baby…”

Poor kid sometimes. I imagine a little voice in him goes off judgingly, “don’t be deceived by their responses, they actually don’t get you at all!” Oops.

Nowadays, he names everything he sees – “red bus”, “yellow crane”, “big car” and so forth. I repeat after him and he likes this routine whenever we are on the move. He recognises numbers now and can count from 1-20. We were actually very surprised when he did not just stop counting at 10 but continued till 20. Like whoa, where did that come from man, it was pretty funny when Sadiq and I looked at each other in disbelief then.

Funny story about how we discovered he could recognise his ABCs. We were in the plane, returning back home when I held out Scoot’s newsletter and casually pointed out the letter to him, in a bid to distract him to just sit still. To my surprise, he labelled it loud and clear. To say that I was clueless then is an understatement. Suffice to say, I went through the whole alphabet and he could name everything. *insert crying happy tears emoticon*

A child’s mine is really likened to a sponge, isn’t it…

I can no longer really keep up with his milestones. Gone are those days where I can actually know when he started doing this or that. Now, it’s just impossible. I just pray he absorbs all the good things life has to offer first.

Oh and how can I forget about the time where his daddy accidentally said $5#t! in front of him and the little one picked it up almost immediately to say “yeee!” Gosh, I had heart palpitations already can at that point of time. Sadiq was not spared from my petpotpetpot afterwards. To think he playfully retorted, “alaaa but he will eventually learn all this what…” in defence.

Macam nak chokeslam aje tau!

Om Nom Nom

It’s fascinating to know how big of an appetite our little ES possesses. He usually eats 2-3 meals a day – this consists mainly of rice and chicken/fish/etc – as well as fresh fruit snacks in between. Grapes, strawberries and bananas are a usual hit with him. There was once where we got back from a holiday trip and he succumbed to 5 meals of rice! No prizes where he inherits this gene from obviously…I used to think his Abah had a bottomless pit in his stomach, so it’s not so much of a surprise that our boy can really eat. Alhamdulillah.

So far, we know that he does not fancy soya bean (again, similar like his Abah), chewy food like gummy bears, jelly and sweet stuff. He goes “oh yuck!” when he tastes food he does not like. While I do tell him that the expression is not very nice to say since all kinds of food is a form of rezeki, he says it in the most annoyingly adorable way though so okay lah he can get away with it. We learnt a few days later on that he caught that phrase from watching one of the YouTube cartoon song videos.

Most days, he rejects chocolates, candies and ice-cream when offered and this mommy here will heave such a huge sigh of relief because I keep thinking I am blessed to not have to ‘fight fire’ if/when the situation calls for it. Lucky lucky. Let’s hope his inclination towards sugary stuff stays this way. Definitely a daddy’s boy when it comes to food preferences and Ibu is one happy woman, of course. :p

My Firstborn

So I’ve been penning thoughts ever since I learnt about a new love growing comfortably in my tummy. 🙂 Feels surreal to be going through this path again and for that, I’m always counting my blessings.

25 May 2015

These days it’s been quite a challenge to sleep, what with my growing tummy and my little man (whom I believe, dreams that he’s a pro wrestler on some nights) tossing every now and then. Before I got pregnant, it is normal for him to nurse on top of me and chooses my left or right boob. I am extra careful nowadays as he gets pretty fiesty when he realises he’s not anywhere near me, scrambles his way to my chest and makes an attempt to suffocate me with his 11kg (or more, I have not properly weighed him since December 2014) frame.

Dramatic much. It’s probably the hormones talking.

But really, some days I just grit my teeth through it all and carry his body to my side, pat or rub his back for a little while and there he enters Lalaland again. He sleeps, I sleep and we are all happy people again.

Yesterday night was a little different than usual though. In my state of half slumber, I realised he was kicking his leg harder than usual (normally he kicks off the blanket from his body – blanket and him: not bestfriends) so I gently tapped on his leg so that he will stop. He did not of course, and his left leg eventually landed on my poor tummy with an impact, so much so that I let out a huge OWW in the middle of the night.

In that state of grogginess, I raised my voice and repeatedly call out his name to tell him what he did was wrong. No prizes for guessing what happened next, he woke up and cried so loudly it was almost hysterical to the point that I felt like a wicked mum.

I have never felt so guilty in my life. For frightening my poor boy like that. He obviously did not do it on purpose and there I was, berating him like never before and interrupting his peaceful sleep, no less. Sigh. I teared a little too and hugged him so tight to calm him down. I must have said sorry a thousand times too in the midst of it all. Thankfully he went back to sleep after that.

He woke up later than usual in the morning (only after we got ready) without any whinings, like as though nothing happened just a few hours ago. First thing I did? Smothered him with kisses and half expected him to push my face away, because you know, my little man is no longer at that you-can-do-anything-to-me-and-I-will-not-budge stage. But nope, to my surprise, he simply lay still and I even caught a glimpse of his cute, cheeky smile.

It’s as if he knows…

I love you, my firstborn. Always and forever.


Time really flies. It’s been 20 months plus of our little one co-sleeping with us. We wonder when he will eventually sleep on his own (though this mummy here cringes at that thought, guess it can be heartbreaking to know when he will no longer ‘need’ me to go to sleep in the future *sob sob*) but we will simply go with the flow, of course. No hurry, baby!

His Abah is all ready for him to start sleeping on his own and always reminds me that we will have to start someday, but um, I’ll always counter about how the bed still has space right, and the little one still nurses to sleep at night so there, his Abah cannot help but surrender. Whoops.

So anyway, last night was a funny sight to remember. I normally sleep on the left of the bed but somehow I ended up on the right (where Sadiq normally sleeps at). He came back from class later at night, woke me up and asked if I wanted to switch positions. In my heavily groggy state, I must have said no because I remained at the same place.

We were mildly awakened by the little one much later, and guess what, he was crawling right on top of his daddy, tossing, turning and whining for a little while ..because we reckon he finally realized that this is so not Ibu.

He would usually go to me, either to nurse again or to just plonk his head on my chest and sleep back.

That was a good laugh in the middle of the night. I pulled him to me and shushed him back to sleep with him right under my ketiak. He was so pleased and slept soundly right after that.

Sometimes I hope this stays forever but I know it’s impossible and so, this memory will always remain etched in my mind.