I Sew Can’t Wait

If there’s one thing I’ve been procrastinating since forever, it’s to learn how to sew.

I’ve always wanted to learn it ever since I learnt it in Secondary 1 during Home Economics lessons but laziness took over and my intentions never really materialized.

Ayah knows how to sew and there’s a sewing machine at home but it’s currently collecting dust. Come to think of it, I was also perhaps fascinated with my late Mak’s manual sewing machine when I was younger.

I was inclined to the idea of signing up for classes at the community centre but alas, the places were all snapped up.

Huda came to the rescue and was kind enough to volunteer teaching the basics. I was so thrilled. She is super talented at this and her sewing works leave me in awe, really.


We started our first lesson last Sunday and boy, sketching measurements sure ain’t easy as it looks. Definitely looking forward to more lessons!