Bye Bye October

Before we know it, the end of 2015 is approaching us very soon. Too soon, if I may add, because I still remember how I celebrated my 27th like it was just yesterday. Considering that my birthday is just two days shy of new year’s day, so to know that I’m going to be a year older (and hopefully, wiser!) in less than two months means time is like, always, a super bullet train.

No idea how 2016 is gonna be like. Many exciting transitions ahead which will certainly keep us on our toes each minute of the day. Just yesterday, I showed a video about bathing a newborn on my Facebook feed and cheekily said to Sadiq, “You, back to the old days very soon for us…”

Our little boss has been a clingy koala on some mornings right after he wakes up. Everything must do with Ibu. No Ibu, no talk. Even his Abah gets a little annoyed at times (I suspect he feels left out ho ho) when that happens. Usually, the little one understands when I tell him that I need to pee/bathe/get ready, but we are not so lucky sometimes so Sadiq ends up prying him away from me and he will scream bloody murder it almost sounds like he is being kidnapped or something to that extent.

Yet on most nights, I am not so needed (love this part of ‘me’ time, certainly) because the both of them will be up bonding with each other through some weird pseudo wrestling moves. I’ve seen them in action, and sometimes it is so full of drama I myself cannot take it. I mind my own business then until of course, I hear the usual, “Ibu, Ibuuuu!” and I know time with myself is up and over.

Life is wonderful. 🙂

32 Weeks

Down with a nasty throat inflammation means that my voice resembles a frog now, or as my dear Mister aptly says it, “Eh malam you night shift kat Lorong Bekukong, eh?” Kong asam punya husband. Immunity very low these days, so cannot help it, especially since little E has been battling with an almost week long phlegmy cough. My heart aches a little bit whenever I hear him coughing because I know how exasperating it can feel like. At least, us adults can attempt to cough out all the yucky phlegm…so these days and nights, I’d just rub his back, hoping some magic will happen in between.

He’s still a ball of sugar, (sick or not, his battery does not seem to run out of energy not surprisingly) currently his favourite antics are acting out the whole of Boboiboy’s characters in some pseudo taekwondo/silat/taichi moves. Just the other day during my girlfriend’s wedding, he acted them out near the huge space in front of the dais and some of the makciks were too tickled by his actions.

Hahahaha and if I may add, Sadiq has even repetitively asked me in a deadpan manner, “I nak tanya. Seriously you, time pregnant dengan Eyshan, you makan apa nie?” Erupted into laughter, no less. Kong asam punya husband.

So right now, he envisions his secondborn to be different like Eyshan, possibly the more relax jack kinda boy. I tell him yeah sure, we all know every child is going to be different but hey, I sure look forward to energizer bunnies. In fact, I actually foresee them teaming up and scheming against us parents in the near future… Good luck to us certainly, double trouble from the dynamic duo. Insya’Allah.

Currently at 56.9kg and I believe I’m much heavier than when I was with Eyshan at 32 weeks. Even my gynae let slip about how baby’s tummy during measurements is a little gedempol. We also had the 3D scan done yesterday and baby was doing a little salute. Masya’Allah I get goosebumps just thinking about this beauty in me. May you grow strong and healthy as always, my handsome little hero. ❤

Yakkity Yak

Cries, babbles and now, it’s yakkity yak time! Our ‘lil man can hold a proper conversation with us now albeit the lack of clarity. Most of the times, we understand what he means. When it comes to those that get our heads scratching, we’d ask him to repeat 2-3x and if we still do not get it, we’d just go “oooh ah yes baby…”

Poor kid sometimes. I imagine a little voice in him goes off judgingly, “don’t be deceived by their responses, they actually don’t get you at all!” Oops.

Nowadays, he names everything he sees – “red bus”, “yellow crane”, “big car” and so forth. I repeat after him and he likes this routine whenever we are on the move. He recognises numbers now and can count from 1-20. We were actually very surprised when he did not just stop counting at 10 but continued till 20. Like whoa, where did that come from man, it was pretty funny when Sadiq and I looked at each other in disbelief then.

Funny story about how we discovered he could recognise his ABCs. We were in the plane, returning back home when I held out Scoot’s newsletter and casually pointed out the letter to him, in a bid to distract him to just sit still. To my surprise, he labelled it loud and clear. To say that I was clueless then is an understatement. Suffice to say, I went through the whole alphabet and he could name everything. *insert crying happy tears emoticon*

A child’s mine is really likened to a sponge, isn’t it…

I can no longer really keep up with his milestones. Gone are those days where I can actually know when he started doing this or that. Now, it’s just impossible. I just pray he absorbs all the good things life has to offer first.

Oh and how can I forget about the time where his daddy accidentally said $5#t! in front of him and the little one picked it up almost immediately to say “yeee!” Gosh, I had heart palpitations already can at that point of time. Sadiq was not spared from my petpotpetpot afterwards. To think he playfully retorted, “alaaa but he will eventually learn all this what…” in defence.

Macam nak chokeslam aje tau!


The one thing that I am most sad about when I leave Eyshan Shahin to go to work is the simple thought of having to miss his milestones, small or big. I realise that has got to be one of the hardest things to not witness. It’s like his first fart, his first poo, his first smile, his first laugh, his first babble, his first tantrum get the drift. I so wanna witness all of that.

But I know I cannot possibly be the first to witness it all the time. I really count myself lucky if I do, and so I keep hoping and praying that that little boy will wait for me and show off his new milestone when we are home.

Just today, Kak Lis showed me a picture of him holding his own bottle. He can apparently hold it very steadily now, even knows how to lift the bottle and finish gulping every single mililitre of his milk. And I thought to myself, “Hey I missed seeing it…” since I’m always latching him directly when we are together. Got a little melancholic about it (the little things always, <i>always</i> gets to me best, sigh) for a good five minutes before I finally shook myself out of it.

How I realised that I’m fortunate enough to have a sister who regularly updates me about his antics. I am even more blessed that my sister is kind enough to make me feel as though I am not so distant from my son after all.

So thankful for this. I may not have such luxury when he’s no longer being cared by her in the event she gets pregnant with no. 2, so positive vibes are definitely in and within. Almost a month since I started work and all I can say is that I have not missed out on many milestones just yet and I hope I’ll be granted more opportunities to witness my baby’s new antics, insya’Allah. 🙂

So Beautiful

Pretty much obsessed with my little guy ever since we welcomed him into our world. Really, my phone’s memory storage is at its bare limit considering that 99% of the photos in there are his. I have snapped pictures of him smirking, smiling, rolling his eyes ..basically his photos are more often than not, snapped one second apart from the other. Hehe.


Thank you Allah for choosing me to be his mummy. This precious loan from You will be treasured. Forever and always.

Eyshan Shahin

Wow, just took a look here and realised that my last post was six days before my precious little son made his big hello to the world. Yes, I am a mommy now to a beautiful boy who is 3 months and 18 days old as of today. Alhamdulillah.

My favourite hobby so far has got to be staring longingly at his calm and tender face whenever he sleeps. Doing that for mere seconds puts a smile onto my face. Actually I think I get too excited just looking at him sometimes, apart from the fact that he is too adorable (and minta kena gigit all the time), it still feels very surreal that this tiny munchkin actually came out of me 3 months ago and the fact that his cosy home for 9 months was my womb. Masya’Allah.

Sadiq and I thank our blessings each day for having such a funny little guy who makes our day with his numerous facial expression and hilarious antics. We think he inherit this from his dear daddy of course, who usually loves to humour me with such funny faces.

Some me-time right now as he is over at Kak Lis’s place since morning and I will only be fetching him at 2 plus in the afternoon. A total of about 6 hours without me today and so far, he’s doing okay. Prior to this, I have read up a bit on separation anxiety and I was prepared for his ‘bottle strike’ and incessant crying moments but I guess when the time actually comes for real, I cannot help but get affected emotionally. Does not help that I can cry at the slightest things so imagine me being away from my cute little son for hours… Like a waterfall, I tell you.

But all’s good so far. I’m just really thankful that Kak Lis gives me tips every now and then, makes me feel like what I’m doing is all normal and that I’m doing great. I have a superwoman as a sister. She is juggling her work in the wedding industry with the act of looking after her almost 2 year old son yet she does not say no to being a caregiver for Eyshan Shahin. Insya’Allah I’ll be able to repay her good deeds in the near future.