Glitter On My Finger

Never knew that the search for a ring was a highly exciting one. I had several designs in my head already, we had a budget to stick to, but there were so many beautiful rings and yes, you guessed it, I was bowled over by the diamonds.

We took two days to decide on the ring. His family members were helpful in making sure that I like what I chose and that really made it all more wonderful. His mum especially, had similar interests as me which definitely made me feel very comfortable.

Sadiq? Not really. He, perhaps a usual trait in a man, thought all of them looked similar until of course on the 2nd day, his eyes were glued on this beautiful glitter. I was shocked myself by his choice and despite it being way over his budget, he relented in purchasing it.

I still remember his questions, “You suka tak? Kalau suka, amek nie aje.” (“Do you like it? If you like, just take this.”) I remember thinking he was half kidding. Too sweet. We went through the budget again, and after contemplation, he said it was all right for him to splurge on my ring since we were going to have a simple engagement i.e. no expensive stuff as our hantaran gifts.

Ah, the perks of having a simple engagement. 🙂 We’ve tentatively agreed on wedding bands for our rings and we’ve decided to recce nearer to our big day.

Anyway, it actually still feels surreal to know that all of this is happening soon. I’ve even told him to make sure that my upcoming birthday will be extra special since it would be my last singlehood birthday and he went, “Aiyah no need lah. You’ll be spending it with me from next year onwards as my wife, what…”

Well, true that. But I don’t care. Still want extra fun and happy birthday celebration for my 24th! :p


Hi, I Am Sadiq’s Fiancée

Here’s a sneak preview of what happened on 25th June a.k.a me getting engaged to the birthday boy. Time simply flew by. After getting ready at noon, I was done being fully dolled up at around 1.15pm.
Butterflies galore in my tummy soon after and when the time finally came, it was a like a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t be happier.

My heart went dagdugdagdug.

The lovely flower bouquet.

Alhamdulilah, everything went smoothly as planned. I remember Sadiq being all kancheong, wanting live updates about what was happening at my place. Too cute. I initially wanted him to come over to celebrate his birthday later at night but his house was still full with guests. We scrapped the idea, but he managed to do so at his place, so the photo below says it all.

My super happy (ahem) fiancé.

The first thing I said to him when we met on Sunday night was, “Oh, tunangku!” which meant, “Oh, my fiancé!” Had a good laugh over it and we kept teasing each other about it.
Still feels surreal when I look back. I would never have expected us to come this far at this age. Guess this is how it feels when dreams come true. Thank you, God.