Shanshine And Jazzyboy

Oh gosh, each time I type my blog URL, I get slightly shocked at the amount of months that have just gone by. It’s like I remember the last time I wrote something. It does not feel that long ago, yet lo and behold, it’s like more than six months. Whoops I guess I must always make a mental note to write more.

We have crossed the halfway line of 2017, can you believe it!? It is already July. My handsome boys are growing up so fast, too fast, in fact. Eyshan turned 4 last month and Eijaz is 19 months.

Our elder one is still a chatterbox – something which amuses us till no end, of course – it is pretty amazing how he has so much sass and drama in his daily conversations. I kid you not. I love to see how his eyes widen in excitement while his brows do a little dance as his lips perform its acrobatic moves during our usual chats.

He has so much energy that it is practically impossible to hinder him from moving about. He builds imaginary mountains made of sofa cushions and pretends he is scaling to the peak on them. He pretends he is running away from a monstrous situation and takes cover from the little cave he creates under the coffee table. The list goes on.

It is surely fascinating how he kept me entertained during the recent June holidays. Scratch that, both brothers truly kept me entertained and always on my toes, literally!

How not to? Eijaz is basically his big brother’s biggest fan and he copies every move. Quite a sight to see how he is absolutely adoring his speed nowadays and of course, Eyshan welcomes such a great play buddy. I love how he asks his brother this everyday, “Jaz, you want to play with Abang? You want? Okay we play, okay!”

Then I see the little bro walking behind him, with bouts of squeals and laughter, because he simply cannot wait to play with this exciting little fella.

My heart is full.

..Of course until I see their hands on some random toy that was just lying around and they start tugging away from each other where all it takes is a little, “hey, that is mine!” Oh, boys.

Okay I bluff, heart’s still full but perhaps I might just do an impersonation of a female Hulk right there and then. Hee.