First Day Of School

It was Eyshan Shahin’s first day of school on 3 January. He has always been a fan of school but lately during the holidays last year, he’d reminisce about his old school. It was like he missed his old school and friends a lot.

Whenever I broached the topic of his new school, he’d respond rather solemnly. I know it’s a rather temporary feeling; I get all the jitters of a new change myself, what more a little child.

We have been thinking and discussing about how we needed him to start going up together with his baby brother in the morning. For some reason, he just prefers to be with me in the morning. He practically sent me to work for the whole of 2016. No doubt I love the company definitely, but felt he could do with more proper sleep or rest when he is not in the car.

So the time came for us to just be firm one of the days during the last week of December. Thankfully he took it well and Masya’Allah I think everything just fell into its right place after that. The boys now go up together before Sadiq sends me to work.

His typical cheeky self. Very proud of him for being cool about school. May he always continue to embrace new changes with much grace and confidence.

May he also grow up to be an intelligent, fine young man too. Insya’Allah amin.


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