My baby boy just turned 7 months a few days ago. He is such a happy and smiley baby, really. All thanks to Allah for such an easy little one to love and care for. Cries when his diaper is wet or soiled, when hunger and thirst strike or when he wants to go to La La Land. Other than that, he is this little ball of sunshine that everyone loves to cuddle.

Oh, he mostly likes to be on his feet or sit up though. Something that is common since he turned two months. Sadiq says it’s probably because I rarely sat down when I was pregnant right up till I gave birth. Looking back, oh yes…now I am recalling the hectic labouring exercises I did the last few weeks before he was out.

Hard to believe I could climb 11 storeys high up till my 40 weeks pregnancy almost daily. Some days, even twice. Now if you ask me, no thank you, I tak sanggup! :p

7 months have gone too fast. Soon, our little baby will learn to crawl, walk, talk and all the works. Now he has started eating too! Just like Abang Eyshan, I feed him fruits and vegetable purees first. So far, we have tried apple, bananas, sweet potato, pear, potato and oats. Looking forward to introduce him to more mixtures!

Our conversations are so mak bapak nowadays, it kinda amuses us actually. Even when we are out just the two of us, something somewhat always skews towards them boys. Loving every second of it. What we really want to see happening in the future is how they will entertain and play with each other (…while we both shake legs) nah just kidding, but really, the image of them being all able to play together and have brotherly conversations just warms my heart to no end.

Alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah. I love my family. 🙂



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