Om Nom Nom

It’s fascinating to know how big of an appetite our little ES possesses. He usually eats 2-3 meals a day – this consists mainly of rice and chicken/fish/etc – as well as fresh fruit snacks in between. Grapes, strawberries and bananas are a usual hit with him. There was once where we got back from a holiday trip and he succumbed to 5 meals of rice! No prizes where he inherits this gene from obviously…I used to think his Abah had a bottomless pit in his stomach, so it’s not so much of a surprise that our boy can really eat. Alhamdulillah.

So far, we know that he does not fancy soya bean (again, similar like his Abah), chewy food like gummy bears, jelly and sweet stuff. He goes “oh yuck!” when he tastes food he does not like. While I do tell him that the expression is not very nice to say since all kinds of food is a form of rezeki, he says it in the most annoyingly adorable way though so okay lah he can get away with it. We learnt a few days later on that he caught that phrase from watching one of the YouTube cartoon song videos.

Most days, he rejects chocolates, candies and ice-cream when offered and this mommy here will heave such a huge sigh of relief because I keep thinking I am blessed to not have to ‘fight fire’ if/when the situation calls for it. Lucky lucky. Let’s hope his inclination towards sugary stuff stays this way. Definitely a daddy’s boy when it comes to food preferences and Ibu is one happy woman, of course. :p


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