Time really flies. It’s been 20 months plus of our little one co-sleeping with us. We wonder when he will eventually sleep on his own (though this mummy here cringes at that thought, guess it can be heartbreaking to know when he will no longer ‘need’ me to go to sleep in the future *sob sob*) but we will simply go with the flow, of course. No hurry, baby!

His Abah is all ready for him to start sleeping on his own and always reminds me that we will have to start someday, but um, I’ll always counter about how the bed still has space right, and the little one still nurses to sleep at night so there, his Abah cannot help but surrender. Whoops.

So anyway, last night was a funny sight to remember. I normally sleep on the left of the bed but somehow I ended up on the right (where Sadiq normally sleeps at). He came back from class later at night, woke me up and asked if I wanted to switch positions. In my heavily groggy state, I must have said no because I remained at the same place.

We were mildly awakened by the little one much later, and guess what, he was crawling right on top of his daddy, tossing, turning and whining for a little while ..because we reckon he finally realized that this is so not Ibu.

He would usually go to me, either to nurse again or to just plonk his head on my chest and sleep back.

That was a good laugh in the middle of the night. I pulled him to me and shushed him back to sleep with him right under my ketiak. He was so pleased and slept soundly right after that.

Sometimes I hope this stays forever but I know it’s impossible and so, this memory will always remain etched in my mind.