A Year Later

Almost, that is. Here I am again, just sifting through my previous entries and chuckling to myself reading about my little one’s adorable antics since he was a day old. My last post was about him learning to crawl; right now, he is practically bursting with energy, walking, running, climbing…basically doing all kinds of things that makes him resemble an energizer bunny. There are just some days that he is forever oozing with so much ‘battery life’ that the only time he sits still is when he recharges. During sleep and nap times.

Sometimes, he is all over the place that the only time I get a good look at him is when he sleeps, or nurses. I am so thankful to Him for allowing me to nurse him up till today. 20 months. Wow, I would never have thought that I would get this far. Alhamdulillah. Just recently, there were many transitions to be made and one thing I worried most about was my milk. I thought about how I would be back to the routine of pumping and storing milk for him to drink in the day but it’s fascinating how you can plan and plan yet ultimately, He is the best of planners.

We bought bottles, I made time to pump in advance, yet when the time came for him to drink it, he refused it plainly. He would take a sip and scrunch his face or shake his head then continue to ask for it fresh. Since he still preferred to latch and was rejecting milk in a bottle, I wondered about whether he would need supplements during my absence in the day. I researched, read up and concluded that since he is actively taking in calcium from all kinds of food, it is not necessary to supplement. On hindsight, it felt comforting to know I was not reluctant, was perfectly okay with having to introduce fresh milk but what I was afraid of was his adjustment towards it. I have read about possibilities of discomfort, allergy and whatnot so that was the only thing that made me hold back for a little while. (Sometimes, being a mother, you worry if the decisions you make are selfish and at the expense of your own child. Scratch that ‘sometimes’, make that all the time.)

So what kept me calm was definitely my prayers. I prayed for Him to make it easy for me and my little one during this period because He knows what would be the best for both of us. True enough, my prayers were answered in the most subtle way ever.

My little one is perfectly fine without my milk for 9-10 hours straight, he latches on almost immediately when I am back and to my surprise, my body adapted well to the transition (no major engorgement, hurray!) and there was still sufficient milk for him.

Masya’Allah. Truly, He hears and listens. He knows what’s in my heart and I did not even have to ask.

What makes this even sweeter was the fact that Sadiq was so cool about it as well; no pressure, no worry, nothing. He basically went with the flow, believed in me and basically, understood that I had it all covered. Or maybe he’s just equally grateful that for 20 months and counting, milk for his junior is still FOC. Thank you Allah.