C Is For Crawl

Since he turned 8 months old, he gets on all fours, learning how to balance on his hands on knees. Amusing at times, as we witness how he sways his cute little buttocks from front to back in a bid to stabilise himself. Later on, we found him moving forward more and he would even have this look on his face as he sees something that he likes and wishes to reach out to. On most days, he glances over to his favourite things and it is almost as if a speech bubble instantaneously forms above his head, “Oh man, my toy is over there, oh how I wish I can crawl there like right now…”

We do notice he enjoys standing up a lot more though. Maybe the view is better? Ha ha, in any case, every now and then we get him to ‘tatih tatih’ and practise walking because he gets a kick out of it. His feet would sometimes do a little skip in excitement, though I have no idea where he learns it from. Sadiq says that it’s probably due to Charlie on the babyTV channel because he does a little hop and skip each time he walks with his numbers. Hur hur.

We have been catching him in action doing the ‘commando crawl,’ for quite some time now, using his arms to push his body forward as his legs do not seem sturdy enough yet. As he turned 9 months and 2 days old, we caught him in action, fully crawling! With utter confidence, I must say, even though I, on the other hand, was anxiously looking out to see if he would suddenly slip and hit his chin on to the ground and carpet. Nowadays, he would hold on to his ball and purposely let it slip far away and crawl towards it to get hold of it again. He never seems tired of doing it again and again and I suspect it’s the thrill of finally being able to be free and mobile.

Of course, I cannot deny that I worry that he will bump his head onto the table and all that, but I have come to a point where I realise that my baby is bound to come across many incidents that will make him stronger in turn. Cheydibah! I have prepared myself for such incidents like this even when I was pregnant but nothing ever shocks you more when the real deal happens. There have been a couple of knocks and bruises which almost caused me to have a heart attack but then I remembered that this was just a sneak preview of what’s in store for us in the future. What gives me assurance is that while I cannot always be around to prevent such occurrences, I know He will always be there to protect my loved ones.

So yes, here’s to more almost-heart-attack moments for mommy! :p


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