C Is For Crawl

Since he turned 8 months old, he gets on all fours, learning how to balance on his hands on knees. Amusing at times, as we witness how he sways his cute little buttocks from front to back in a bid to stabilise himself. Later on, we found him moving forward more and he would even have this look on his face as he sees something that he likes and wishes to reach out to. On most days, he glances over to his favourite things and it is almost as if a speech bubble instantaneously forms above his head, “Oh man, my toy is over there, oh how I wish I can crawl there like right now…”

We do notice he enjoys standing up a lot more though. Maybe the view is better? Ha ha, in any case, every now and then we get him to ‘tatih tatih’ and practise walking because he gets a kick out of it. His feet would sometimes do a little skip in excitement, though I have no idea where he learns it from. Sadiq says that it’s probably due to Charlie on the babyTV channel because he does a little hop and skip each time he walks with his numbers. Hur hur.

We have been catching him in action doing the ‘commando crawl,’ for quite some time now, using his arms to push his body forward as his legs do not seem sturdy enough yet. As he turned 9 months and 2 days old, we caught him in action, fully crawling! With utter confidence, I must say, even though I, on the other hand, was anxiously looking out to see if he would suddenly slip and hit his chin on to the ground and carpet. Nowadays, he would hold on to his ball and purposely let it slip far away and crawl towards it to get hold of it again. He never seems tired of doing it again and again and I suspect it’s the thrill of finally being able to be free and mobile.

Of course, I cannot deny that I worry that he will bump his head onto the table and all that, but I have come to a point where I realise that my baby is bound to come across many incidents that will make him stronger in turn. Cheydibah! I have prepared myself for such incidents like this even when I was pregnant but nothing ever shocks you more when the real deal happens. There have been a couple of knocks and bruises which almost caused me to have a heart attack but then I remembered that this was just a sneak preview of what’s in store for us in the future. What gives me assurance is that while I cannot always be around to prevent such occurrences, I know He will always be there to protect my loved ones.

So yes, here’s to more almost-heart-attack moments for mommy! :p


The Birth Story – Finale

9 June 2013

I woke up for Fajr prayers at about 5.50am and on my way to the toilet, I felt as though there was water trickling down my upper inner right thigh. In all my grogginess, I thought that I had accidentally peed, especially since control of the bladder at that stage was a little weaker than usual, so as I entered the toilet, my first instincts were to squat down and pee. On hindsight, I really wonder what made me do that, considering that my round belly was in the way and well, it was just much easier to sit on the toilet bowl right?

Trust that my insticts immediately led my eyes to bulge open (from all the sleepiness) when I saw traces of blood. I actually took a sniff from the water that was trickling down, and what do you know, it did not smell like urine at all. Jeng jeng jeng.

“Could this be my waterbag leaking!?”
“Oh my god so fun baby is probably gonna come out todayyyy!”

I took my time to google about this and saw responses like I could either wait it out till surges from contractions came or I could just check it out with the hospital if I was uncertain. I figured we would go ahead with the latter and calm ourselves down rather than risk it. First time kiasu mother to-be lah katakan. Hehe.

“You you, wake up, my waterbag leak. Kita gi hospital yok?”

He woke up almost immediately, with no questions asked, went to shower and it probably was funny to see him that way because he appeared so calm. If you must know, my husband is a kancheong man. We did our prayers, woke Ibu up to tell her that we were heading to Parkway East and it was pretty emotional because anything can happen in labour…I simply asked for her forgiveness, blessings and prayers that it will be a smooth one for me.

7AM: Reached PEH and checked myself in. Sadiq even asked me, “You, I slalu tengok orang nak beranak macam dah terbongkok-bongkok gitu, how come you macam steady je?” (Haha looking back, steady habis…) We were sent to the labour ward, I weighed myself again for the last time – 58.9kg. They strapped me to the bed and checked baby’s heartbeat, all were normal. A nurse told me that my gynae had been informed and was making his way there.

8AM: Gynae came to do a vaginal examination on me and I was not surprised at all when he said that I was only 1cm dilated. Really thought that I would be sent home. Instead, he calmy said that if all goes well, I would be giving birth at about 6p.m., if dilation goes 1cm up every hour.

We totally forgot that I would be served breakfast so Sadiq, went to get some for me nearby. Halfway through, I was asked to choose my breakfast. Haha. No prizes for guessing who finished it all up. Then the nurse came to insert a fluid up my anus to clear my bowels. I was told that I could still eat if I want to, just not something heavy.

9.30AM: Had my Milo and raw egg. Energy booster. We packed a lot of dates and I was happily munching on them too. Contractions came and went, not too intense as I was also monitoring them via my iPhone app. Took pictures and told myself that I should catch some sleep if possible.

11AM: Contractions were starting to increase in power. Kept remembering all the tips to relax and let my body follow through the surges.

2PM: Contractions were getting more intense. Nurse came in and checked that I was only 2cm dilated. Gave me options of using the gas mask, pethydine jab or epidural. Opted for the gas mask.

5PM: I probably went a little crazy with the contractions. I remember wanting Sadiq to not pray first to accompany me and give support. Hur hur. Doctor came again and told me that I was 5cm dilated. He told me that if all goes well I would give birth in the evening.

Half an hour later or so, I remember feeling a whoosh of wetness at my down under and realised that my waterbag had burst. Wah. Told Sadiq to call the nurse in and she mumbled something about baby pooping inside already and I got a little more worried. (I rememeber this happened to my sister when she was in labour and they were worried if baby was eating his own poop.) The nurse assured me that everything was okay though but she encouraged me to take the pethydine jab. I relented because I know I did not want to succumb to epidural and true enough, the jab at the thigh helped me so much. Haha.

8pm: Woke up from a nap (yup, I managed to nap in the middle of labour! HAHA) and happy to know I was almost there. 8cm dilated. Waited a little more and this is where everything started being more chaotic and havoc because I felt like pushing every now and then. Yet I was instructed by the nurses not to do so because I could “rupture” (on hindsight, such negative terms can be so traumatic to parents to-be in the delivery ward). I remember Sadiq googling about what could happen and all and I could she all the worried lines on his face.

At one point, he even passed me the gask mask, raised his voice, high-pitched and in all seriousness at my womb, “BABY…COOPERATE! DON’T PUSH, MUMMY IS NOT READY YETTTT” I swear I wanted to laugh, seeing him so panicky like that but now that I think about it, it must be even scarier for him on the other side as he probably felt uncertain, and even helpless to ease my pain. (Anyway, this story will go a long way because whenever we talk about my labour story, Sadiq will sheepishly smile and deny that he did this at all. Men and their ego hmmmph.)

10pm: So yup, the craziness was due to end soon. Doctor was called in when I was ready to deliver and I pushed about 5 times before I could see our little bundle of joy. Indescribable moment, definitely because the next thing I saw right in front of me after pushing was MY baby at 10.27pm!

True what the rest of the mummies say, once you see your baby, all the pain just ..vanished! POOF. All I wanted to do was to keep reminding Sadiq to take photos of our baby, using my phone no less. My phone camera quality was so much better mah. Hehehehe.


I am basically in awe of my body’s strength after that arduous journey of contractions, pushing, etc. Makes you feel so empowered that you can actually do anything. Like a superwoman. Almost 10 months of carrying my 3.08 kilos baby and this little human being was finally out after 15 hours of labour. All praises to Him for granting me the strength, really. And for giving us such a handsome sweetheart. Oh, and not forgetting, for a husband who was there for and with me at every single step.

I have a beautiful family. 🙂