Sleep Tight

Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and goes right back to sleep after a few minutes of nursing. He’ll let out a little whimper and it takes me less than five seconds to drop whatever I am doing to attend to him.

(That said, I am also fascinated by the fact that I can even hear him stir in his sleep; I’d make a little check on him and true enough, his tiny hands would be in some other position already. This mummy instincts can be pretty scary actually.)

But some other times, even nursing would not help. In his dream-like state, his head goes from left to right repeatedly, his eyes closed while his lips make a little pout. I place him onto my chest, and immediately, he goes back to sleep. Even Sadiq is gleefully amused by this fun fact. We even termed it as Eyshan’s mini night wayang. Naughty parents, us.

Through the night, he will be, right on top of my chest. There are times I wake up with a slightly cramped neck and arms, my sleep interrupted a few times as his weight bears down on my body…but I welcome this. All of it, in fact. For this will not be for long.

There will come a time when he will not need my chest to soothe him back to sleep anymore. He will not need to hug me anymore. When that happens, I will miss his tiny self so much that I know I would do anything to have him hug me back to sleep…

Eyshan Shahin, you will never be this small again but in my eyes, you will always be my sweet little baby. Happy 8 months old, my dearest son.