Yummy In My Tummy

My little boy turned 6 months old last month which only meant that it was time for us to introduce complementary first foods to him. I know my parents were anxiously waiting for this time, well, my dad mostly because he simply loved the idea of seeing Eyshan trying new food other than milk. I was also excited to do so especially having browsed through websites on how to make homemade baby purees and such. Grocery shopping also holds a new meaning for us as we would happily choose fruits and veggies to try on him.

So far, here is what my little one has taken.

1) Apple – His first food and boy, was I glad when he took to it! But lately he makes funny expressions when he gets a taste of it; I highly assume it’s the soury taste.

2) Banana – He is a fan of this. Me too, especially since it is fuss-free to feed him with it. Just mash with a spoon and there you go, in baby’s tummy! I must say, this helps to loosen his bowels by a bit as well.

3) Papaya – He experienced some constipation when taking this and I think that it is perhaps suitable to feed him this after he turns 8 months old. Pretty strange, since I thought that this fruit helps ease digestion. Looks like it does not work well for him yet.

4) Sweet potato – Natural sweetener, even I had one mouthful of it and liked it very much. Easy to make and much easier to thaw as compared to apples and papayas.

5) Potato – He likes this too, despite it being bland. Mixed it up with apple once and he finished the entire bowl in no time.

6) Brown rice – Bought organic ones and blended it for easier cooking. Simply have to boil it over a stove for 10 minutes and ta-daa, all done. I added sweet potato to it just recently and he loves it even more. Looking forward to try with other veggies and fruits.

That is about it so far; we bought brocolli and carrots so I’ll try it with brown rice during the weekend as well. Makes me feel happy to cook food for him from scratch, especially since I can feeling feeling like a chef. Who knows that I might be even pro at cooking one day, Sadiq will be extremely proud of me. :p