The Birth Story – Part 2

8 June 2013

No cramps, nothing, just the usual lethargy. Kept reminding myself that I should be more mobile to aid the labour process that may come anytime soon. Perfect timing since we were also getting the baby cot ready after collecting it from Kak Lis’s place the night before.

We managed to complete everything at around early afternoon, then Sadiq wanted to visit his sister who gave birth a few days ago. He asked whether I wanted to follow. Told him that I did not mind staying home, just in case (haha mummy’s instincts at work probably) so he went ahead without me and reminded me umpteen times to call him if I felt even the slightest discomfort.

Ibu was with me at home, too and I remember her checking up on me every half an hour or so in my room. My parents also cancelled their plans to JB that day. They wanted to stay overnight there but alas, decided not to. Maybe it was grandmother’s instincts at work too. Hehe.

I actually felt okay the entire day, though I knew I had very minor contractions going on. I never really knew how a contraction would feel like, especially since I have never really suffered from menstrual cramps, only backaches, so most of the times, when a cramp hit me, it was like trivia time for myself.

“Err, was that a cramp?”
“Ow ow, pain. Eh no more?”

Clueless I was, really. I just knew I wanted to ‘enjoy’ the day, being alone with baby in my womb. Even though there was no spotting or a waterbag leak and all… There was a very strong feeling that it would be the last afternoon with baby in me, somehow.

And boy, was I right… 🙂


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