The Birth Story – Part 1

I have been wanting to pen down my birth experience since many months ago, but never got around to it. Procrastination is indeed a very naughty friend of mine. So I thought, let’s do it now! Better late than never.

Or in this case, better write it down now lest I forget all about it totally! Which I doubt will ever happen, because hey, who can ever forget their first every birth story (and urm, all the pain that came along with it), huh? :p

7 June 2013, Friday

Sadiq texted me at about 10 plus in the morning to ask whether I wanted homecooked food from his mother since I did not bring any lunch to work. I said yes, and he came close to noon. Told me to take care and if there was any discomfort felt, to immediately call him.


Little did I know that in the middle of lunch, I felt like peeing and imagine my surprise when I saw a tinge of blood on the toilet paper and…what I believe to be my mucus plug. I was practically hyperventilating by then in the toilet! I was trying my very best to keep my cool but in my head, I was already thinking, “OH MY GOD, IS TODAY THE DAY!?!?”

I went out of the toilet, pretending to look calm (inside a bit haywire already though) because my colleague was in the room too and since she did not suspect anything amiss, I reckon that I am a pretty good actress! Hahahaha. I did not want to alarm anyone in the office, I was not feeling any pain or discomfort at all either so I had an inkling that it was not time at all.

Did a little googling after my colleague left the room and was glad to know that exiting of the mucus plug was not a sure indication that labour would kickstart anytime soon. Phew. You can imagine that my heart was in suspense simply because it was close to prayers time and I was somehow afraid if I could not get Sadiq then. But phew. I called Sadiq, who was rather panicky and asked 1001 questions but I assured him that I would be fine and he just has to pray that baby will wait until he is done praying. Hehe.

I remember wanting to walk around more after work and we did just that before heading home. We were waiting for the ‘go ahead’ text from Kak Lis to collect the necessary items for baby such as baby cot and etc. We only managed to collect it around 10 plus at night and when heading out, I remember Ibu asking me if I wanted to stay at home instead and let Sadiq do it alone. But I said it was okay because I somehow did not want to be far away from him.

We collected the baby cot and a couple more things with Abang Nur’s help as well. Headed home after that and I still felt okay. No pain, no contractions. Just the usual bloated stomach feel. Baby was kicking as usual. In fact, I slept well that night. Hehe.

On hindsight, who would have thought that it was such perfect timing to collect the stuff that night. We actually wanted to postpone but decided against it since the lorry was readily available that day and I guess we just followed with our, ahem, parental (chey bah!) instincts.

Okay, I will stop here. Will continue with the other parts ..soon!


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