Moo Moo


Eyshan Shahin turns 4.5 months old today! Glad that I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding him throughout. Honestly had doubts as to whether I can safely maintain my supply once I started work; I’ve read about how supply will gradually dip and not having time to pump will eventually result into a lesser yield.

Told myself to breathe and take it easy. Not to beat myself up about it if I could not supply what was needed during the day. Reminded myself that I could always top up my stash at night and during weekends. Bottom line was I kept telling myself I could not afford to be lazy if I want to fulfill my target of nursing him.

Nobody ever said it was easy anyway. I am slowly learning the role of multitasking at work. Pumping begins when I reach work, once more during lunch and if possible one more session just before knocking off from work.

Insya’Allah, I’ll keep on nursing as long as I can. I have a target but only He knows best as to whether I can achieve it or not. For now, I’m more than happy to know that my dearest son is thriving on my milk. All thanks to You.


2 thoughts on “Moo Moo

  1. masyaallah, he’s so cute! i wouldn’t be able to imagine how BF would feel like, but if it really benefits my baby that much i would persevere on too. jia you babe! 🙂

  2. hi there! alhamdulillah, he’s so cute I wanna squish him so bad sometimes. anyway thank you for dropping by and giving words of encouragement. appreciate it! will surely persevere as long as He wills it 🙂

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