One Year Ago

16 October 2012 was the day Sadiq and I discovered about a mini-us in my tummy. Read my pregnancy diary and I must say, it brought back very sweet memories. I chuckled to myself, paused reading even at certain posts, simply because I wanted to immerse in that particular memory for a little longer.

Was supposed to get my menses a few days earlier (12-13 October) but days passed and my ‘down under’ was still clean! :O

So… Sadiq and I wasted no time in buying a pregnancy kit. Most of the shops were closed by that time (10 plus at night) so we stopped by a petrol kiosk. Hehe.

I was already asleep in the car on the way home but fatigue did not stop me from testing. Reached home, unwrapped the kit, said our prayers and I remember telling myself that “if it is meant to be, it will be…”

And I peed! For 5 seconds. Then had to wait somemore for 5 minutes…

And… TA-DAH! The results were staring back at us.

There had to be 2 vertical lines to indicate a positive result and we got, um, one and a half? The test line was pretty faint and we kept wondering whether I was really pregnant and stuff like that. The kit instructions specifically said that as long as there was a line, we could for sure say that it was positive. So… Positive it is! 😀 Alhamdulillah.

– Future mummy, insya’Allah 🙂

It’s been a year since that fateful night. I recall the days where I would look forward to the 9a.m. notification from my babycenter app every Wednesday because that was the day that our little hero turned a week older in my tummy.

I would silently squeal and imagine how he would look like swimming in me. I would printscreen every related information I came across on the web to increase my awareness. How I watched countless pregnancy videos just so that I would know his stage of progress week by week and would show it to Sadiq almost all the time till he made remarks like, “Nie kan you dah tengok kelmarin?” Hahaha I was pretty obsessed, I must say.

And then I recall about how Sadiq would use to give me very awesome back massages at night, sometimes even without me asking for them. Yes, he was that auto! Guess when you’re pregnant, you can just demand anything and everything and you would get it. :p


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