Eyshan Shahin

Wow, just took a look here and realised that my last post was six days before my precious little son made his big hello to the world. Yes, I am a mommy now to a beautiful boy who is 3 months and 18 days old as of today. Alhamdulillah.

My favourite hobby so far has got to be staring longingly at his calm and tender face whenever he sleeps. Doing that for mere seconds puts a smile onto my face. Actually I think I get too excited just looking at him sometimes, apart from the fact that he is too adorable (and minta kena gigit all the time), it still feels very surreal that this tiny munchkin actually came out of me 3 months ago and the fact that his cosy home for 9 months was my womb. Masya’Allah.

Sadiq and I thank our blessings each day for having such a funny little guy who makes our day with his numerous facial expression and hilarious antics. We think he inherit this from his dear daddy of course, who usually loves to humour me with such funny faces.

Some me-time right now as he is over at Kak Lis’s place since morning and I will only be fetching him at 2 plus in the afternoon. A total of about 6 hours without me today and so far, he’s doing okay. Prior to this, I have read up a bit on separation anxiety and I was prepared for his ‘bottle strike’ and incessant crying moments but I guess when the time actually comes for real, I cannot help but get affected emotionally. Does not help that I can cry at the slightest things so imagine me being away from my cute little son for hours… Like a waterfall, I tell you.

But all’s good so far. I’m just really thankful that Kak Lis gives me tips every now and then, makes me feel like what I’m doing is all normal and that I’m doing great. I have a superwoman as a sister. She is juggling her work in the wedding industry with the act of looking after her almost 2 year old son yet she does not say no to being a caregiver for Eyshan Shahin. Insya’Allah I’ll be able to repay her good deeds in the near future.