Lights Camera Action

I had been toying with the idea of having a maternity photoshoot (probably since before I got pregnant even, ha ha ha) and I told Sadiq that we must do it. At least for our first little one. Surprisingly enough, he agreed! To an outdoor one, no less.

Grabbed a deal off Groupon and thankfully, they had slots for the weekend after I booked it. I was worried that delaying it might mean that the opportunity would be gone since June weekends are pretty risky since baby could ‘pop’ anytime, so we managed to secure a slot on the last Sunday of May. Yey!

It was raining rhinos and buffalos when we approached Fort Canning though so we were praying mighty hard that the shoot will not be called off. I remember telling Sadiq that we will save this slot for when baby is out then, but lo and behold, those dark grey clouds cleared up and the weather was all sunny again. Double yey! Thank you Allah.

Pictures are not with me yet, it’ll take them some time to process the raw images and send them to me as I opted for the additional top-up deal. The photographer showed me a slideshow of the photos taken and I must say, that for such an affordable deal, we had an absolutely great time and I was also impressed by the pictures taken.

Will post them up soon when the images are with me. For the fun of it, here are my (berlapok) pre-wedding photoshoot pictures. Hehehehe.

v37 v12 v2

9 months of pure matrimonial bliss on this 15th. And I thought, counting down to the wedding was fast. Marriage life is sure kicking in fast ..and furious! :p