My Heart Outside My Body

We have started spring cleaning to welcome our little hunk in a …..month and a day’s time! Tomorrow is the 19th already which means baby will be here before we even know it.

I’m praying hard that he will arrive in June, simply because it’s the daddy to-be’s birthday month as well. I tease Sadiq every single time about this, “see, when baby comes out in June, I technically have the immunity from buying presents for you ‘cos I would have given you the most precious one and other presents simply won’t match up…….”

Of course, Sadiq will just turn a deaf ear to all that. But really, I’ve been sweet talking to my little boy to come out next month, it’d be even sweeter if he comes out on Sadiq’s birthday itself (25 June) which is absolutely not impossible since my EDD is 19 June, but hey melampau pulak kan ask for too much hehe…

What’s most important is he comes out whenever he’s ready. Allah is the best of planners, I know I’ll be in good hands when the time comes, in shaa Allah.

So yeah, back to spring cleaning for our little one. We have bought storage from Ikea for baby’s cute stuff and started on the laundry so far. Caught myself staring at the piles of tiny clothes the other day, it’s so surreal that I’m gonna be dressing up our baby boy in time to come.

I am going to be a mother and this quote sums up perfectly just how I have been feeling the past months.

“Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone


Tummy Talk

Oh wow, it’s been almost 3 months since I have neglected this space. Time just flies when you’re having fun and in my case, it’s been loads of fun caring for the little one in my tummy.

Baby is 34 weeks and 2 days old today ……how fast right!? It’s less than three weeks to full term, which means that by 29 May onwards, I’m actually good to ‘pop’ anytime. In shaa Allah.

Many have been asking me how I feel right now and whoa, the last time I felt this way was probably when I was counting down to my wedding. I’ve been blessed with a smooth pregnancy so far so I cannot be anymore grateful. Sure, the aches and nausea have been my very good friends for the past eight months or so, but hey, what’s a little sacrifice… Hehe, especially when it comes to welcoming my precious gift into the world soon enough. 🙂

Sadiq and I have been getting all the essentials and it would also be time for me soon to prepare my hospital birth bag in a few days’ time. We have agreed to leave it in the car for standby purposes.

And as I am typing this down, my little hunk is extra active right now… It’s as if he knows that he will be out soon… 🙂