I love how Sadiq is not groggy in the early mornings. It amazes me how we can actually strike proper conversations about random stuff. I’m a morning person (well, sort of) so I’m happy my husband does not turn into a hulk when I engage him in conversations.

Anyway, guess what was the cutest thing he said on a random morning one day? I woke up to him excitedly exclaiming this…

“You, you, yesterday bile you dah tidur kan, I tap tap your tummy and said ‘if you hear daddy’s voice, kick here’ and baby kick sey you!!!”

Wah I wanted to melt. Why so comel, my dear husband!

See how happy you’ve made your father to be just with that one little kick, my dear little hero. He loves you so much. How do I know, you ask?

Well, mummy knows best… :p