A Little Bit Of Heaven On Earth

Today, Sadiq and I witnessed the cutest thing ever done by our baby. While the nurse was moving the transducer probe around my belly to show us his facial organs, baby was initially facing up so we could only see his side view.

The nurse started pointing out his eyes, nose and lips. I ooh-ed and aah-ed but honestly, from my lying down position, I could not make out anything. I thought that Sadiq probably felt the same way as I did because I noticed his squinting eyes trying to figure out what the nurse was pointing out on the black and white display.

Before we knew it, baby turned to face us in that split second, as if listening to what was in my heart at that particular time. That moment lasted for about five seconds, which to me was a pretty long time. Baby seemed to want to communicate with us. Truly heartwarming. Sadiq reached out his phone to capture the moment but he mentioned how the screen was too bright and thus, it was tough to do so.

I sure did not mind. This was enough for me. My eyes were simply fixated on the screen and for that magical moment, I felt a sudden rush of emotions. There, on the display, our beautiful baby…

With all praises to Allah, our little cutie weighs 336 grams now and is at a wonderful state of health. I am also very grateful that it has been a smooth pregnancy for me as well so far.

I am even more thankful that Sadiq has been physically present with me at every appointment for the past 5 months. I can understand how he may feel lesser fetal bonding since baby is in me, hence, being there with me and seeing all the thingamagic that occurs during our visits to the gynae, not only allows him to bond with our son but with me as well.

I’ve said this once and I will say this again. I love my belly, even Sadiq adores it too. (Well, he has to! If not……..) Came across this wonderful quote which I thought perfectly sums up about how we both feel at this moment.

Dean and I laughed about it later, but we were sincere. The belly is cool. It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, an unmistakable sign of what’s going on inside, the wigwam for our little squirmer, the mark of my undeniable superpower of baby-making. I loved the belly and its freaky awesomeness, and especially the flutters, kicks, and bumps from within.


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