Precious Little One

I have been feeling baby’s kicks more and more lately. Everytime it happens, I say a little prayer, hoping that our little angel will stay safe and healthy in my womb. As if I am not emotional enough (in fact, Sadiq just chided at me for tearing up when we watched Gangster Squad at the cinema the other day, hmpf!) on normal days, it is undeniable that hormones in my body are doing their own kind of thingamagic and I do admit that when I am alone, I think about our future.

It scares me silly to know that I am going to be a mother (in shaa Allah) in less than six months’ time! Just like how I was having doubts about myself during the months approaching our wedding, I have uncertainties about how I am going to be like. It’s good to know that Sadiq is always around to hear me out whenever such thoughts arise and vice versa.

The joy that this pregnancy brings to our lives as husband and wife is simply immense. I know that having a child right after your wedding may mean lesser quality time with your partner because your attention and time will have to cater to the little one’s needs but personally to me, it’s all a matter of perspective. Nothing bonds us closer to know that we’ve been bestowed with such a precious gift by Him… 🙂


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