It’s A…



..BOY! 😀

Syukur alhamdulilah. Any gender would have been perfect for us, but with God’s will, a cute little boy is growing in my tumtum this very second!

Recalling how the gynae broke the news to us will always be a funny memory.  I asked Sadiq to video the special moment.

Gynae: Okay… So let’s see whether baby is a boy or girl. As you can see, baby is a boy. See the white thing there? Congratulations, you have a baby boy!

Sadiq: *muttering under his breath* YES! … Oh, boy, alright. Alright…

HAHAHAHA dah excited abeh nak maintain cool. So much for being okay with any gender, Muhammad Sadiq. But yeyyy, we are having a son! A cute little boy. A mini Sadiq. Whom we will slobber with kisses and suffocate with tight hugs all the time. We are looking forward… :p

May you grow up to be someone with a good heart, dear future son. Everyone around you will always shower you with lots of love. Everyone. Especially your mum and dad.


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