Knock Knock, Who’s There?

“Your baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip) and is around 5 inches long from head to bottom. Your baby can move his or her joints, and sweat glands are starting to develop.”

So hey, hi baby! 5 inches is about 12.7 centimetres long and I actually took out a ruler to find out how long that is. Turns out that it is exactly the distance between my thumb and index finger, fully stretched. 5 ounces also means that baby is about 141.7 grams. Looking forward to find out what’s his/her weight during our check up tomorrow. So far, Sadiq and I have been told that our angel is at a good size and weight so that always makes us feel thankful. Nothing makes us happier to know that baby is healthy.

Oh and yeah, tomorrow will hopefully be the day we find out about the gender! Friends have been asking me about this and most of them feel that I am carrying a mini-me. I suspect that it’s because this mummy to-be is very mentel and my tummy seems a lot more rounder. Some also appear surprised when I tell them that I wanted my firstborn to be a boy at first (this has always been in my mind probably since I was um, teenager? Mentel mah, kecik-kecik dah think about all this) but funny how when I became pregnant, the preference did not really matter.

Sadiq is also okay with either or, but I definitely can see his eyes twinkle a bit more when we talk about baby being a boy. Confirm plus chop, I foresee my days entertaining two boys whose favourite pastimes will be watching wrestling, snoozing away and coming up with cheeky acts to make the queen of their hearts (chehdibah) go all %$#@!.

But we all know that, rezeki itu terletak di tangan Tuhan. Kita hanya merancang, Dia saja yang menentukan. So, we pretty much welcome a mini-me or mini-Sadiq with open hearts. 😀

I read up that from 16 weeks onwards, I should be able to feel a flutter or two in my tummy which could be by baby. And I think that I have actually felt it last Saturday, when I was 16 weeks and 4 days! I just sent off Sadiq to the door (he was leaving for work) and I rested on my bed after that to continue sleeping. My left hand was on the left side of my tummy (I’ve always had a huge feeling that baby is more on my left) and for that split second, I knew I felt two taps from inside! They felt pretty distinct and were different from the usual air bubbles, gassy feeling in my stomach. If the latter had happened, I would usually reciprocate with a burp or um, fart but this time round, nothing. Hurray!

Told Sadiq about it when he came back from work. He was a little bummed that he could not feel it so he kinda sweet talked to baby to do it again. Aiyaiiii why so cute la this husband of mine.

I love how he communicates with me about our baby every now and then; be it when he is still groggy in his sleep and realises that I just woke up to pee but still bothers to ask me whether I am okay or when he touches my belly, says ‘hello babyyy’ and proceeds to smooch it… Makes me feel all glowy inside out.

(Though at times I’ll be the one who forces him to kiss it many many times! Haha. But that’s only because I can’t do that so Sadiq has to do it for the mummy lor. Hehehehe.)


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