My Husband Is Pure Love

For all the times he has massaged me to sleep whenever I complain of aches.

For all the times he has voluntarily switched off the night light even though I would be the last one to get into bed.

For all the times he has endured a (slightly) messy-looking dressing table thanks to my vanity products.

For all the times he keeps mum and only gives me the eye even though strongly resenting me lying on the bed right after I get home.

For all the times he wakes up for Subuh prayers first and leaves me feeling guilty because I conveniently forget at times.

For all the times he reminds me to take breakfast so that I will not get too hungry later in the day.

For all the times he is willing to eat whatever I cook/make for him no matter how simple it can be.

For all these times ..and many more. Thank you, Sadiq. You unknowingly bring out the best in me. I will try to be the best that I can. 🙂