“So, Vie, how’s being married like?”

I get that question often these days and when I do, I’d reply with a high-pitched squeal of, “Ooooh simply awesome!” On naughtier days, I’d even throw in a thumbs up sign and/or a big toothy grin. Hee.

What’s not to like being married? I love it. Suka suka suka. The love of my life is the first thing I see when I open my eyes and the last thing I see before I close my eyes to sleep at night. Granted what greets me early in the morning may not be a beautiful sight but hey, I don’t look gorgeous as well so that’s all right. :p In fact, I love seeing Sadiq sleep. There have been times where I woke up a few minutes earlier and caught myself just staring at the wonderful man beside me. And oh, sometimes I refuse to sleep on my side of our bed because I get too comfy putting my head on his chest. I get so contented just listening to the soft beating of his heart and at times I feel that is all that matters.

But of course, my lovely husband would potong (my) steam and mumble grumble, telling me to move to my side instead. Orang baru nak feeling feeling…

So yup, we’ve been blissfully married for  a month and two days now. What’s new, you ask?

1) I make my bed now! Okay okay, actually it’s we. We take turns to make our bed everyday (to be honest, I never saw the point of making my bed before but ever since I got married…)

2) I make it a point to wake up much earlier before going to work everyday to prepare a simple breakfast for my husband. I never take breakfast at all but Sadiq mustmustmust take it if not he’d probably pengsan at work so hehe I very sweet hor.

3) We agreed before marriage that I will always have to shower first whenever we make plans to go out because me getting ready takes about an hour or so. Well, this only means that I now have an audience when I’m putting my make-up on. He is still trying to understand how he bathes much later than me but still  manages to get ready way earlier than me. That will forever stay a mystery, Sadiq. Hehe.

There are many, many more new fun things that have cropped up but I’ll write about them one day at a time. We sure do not know what’s in store for us in the near future, but Life is definitely sweeter now that we are husband and wife. I absolutely love the fact that we are learning and discovering new things about each other as time passes by.

Thank you Allah for blessing me with such happiness. 🙂