So yes, I know I’ve abandoned this space for quite a bit. Kinda expected that but oh wow, I never knew time would just fly by so fast! No more two digit days countdown to our wedding. It’s now just six. From tomorrow onwards, I’ll be counting down with just my five fingers, baby. 😀

Sadiq and I had planned to observe the ‘pantang’ whereby we would not meet during a month before our big day so as to preserve the excitement since not seeing each other may mean that all the nervousness and the works would be magnified on the actual day. Well, absence sure makes the heart grow fonder. I see a picture of him and my heart would skip a beat (haha) because in my heart I would be thinking, oh my goodness, there’s no turning back now, I’m gonna be stuck with him for the rest of my life! I kid, I kid. I love the idea of being stuck with him. Absolutely exciting. Hee.

These few days all I’ve been thinking of is whether I will make a good wife. Seriously, I will never know until I am one and I honestly pray that I will fulfill my duty well. Cannot count the number of times I teared up after prayers just talking about it to Him. My fears, my worries, my anxieties aout the future. The unknown. Such a huge responsibility that I will be carrying. I know that I want to fall in love with Sadiq every single day. I want to always look forward to seeing his groggy self in the mornings, soothing his tired self after work and finally be the last face he sees when he goes to sleep at night. I will love his peculiar habits no matter how much they irk me. I will learn and improve myself all the time. Insya’Allah.