If Yan Can Cook, So Can I

Probably am the laziest anak dara ever to only learn cooking a month plus before her wedding. Give me a recipe to bake, you name it, cakes, cookies, muffins, cupcakes and I’ll gladly do it with no worries as to whether it’ll turn out nice. Somehow my baking experiments always come out fine…

Not for cooking, though. I still remember that one incident where Sadiq came to my house and we both were so famished that I volunteered to cook fried rice. Honestly, I thought that it was the easiest thing ever besides maggi mee (haha) plus the fact that I’ve cooked it a number of times, so I should have aced it, right?

Wrong. So wrong.

Turned out tasteless. Sadiq was kind enough to not throw any tantrums, well, a hungry man is an angry man after all, but my man was so cool about it. Felt so bad, I tell you…

Oh, doesn’t help that he can whip up awesome nasi goreng. This just puts me to shame la. One thing that I love about him is that he does not pressure me to start learning cooking, etc. Guess he knows deep down I’ll pick it up sooner or later, gotta adore his faith in me hehe glad it was not blind faith because I’m slowly learning the ropes! Hehe.

Must thank Ibu for always pushing me to cook. But really la, learning to cook from the Queen can be so stressful! She simply expected me to know what to do and all; apparently, that was how my late granny taught her. Well, hopefully my future daughter will have better luck with me! :p


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