Took An Oath I’ma Stick It Out Till The End

It was advised that we went to Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) to submit our documents for verification purposes at least five weeks before our solemnization. I am glad that we managed to squeeze it in a few days before Ramadhan as this meant that we would only be left with the nitty gritty stuff.

I had a bad stomachache right when we reached ROMM and was still in the loo when our number was called. Tak glamour langsung eh haha. The nice makcik who tended to us pointed out that we had to tweak our solemnization venue address since we will not be holding it at my house.

After this was done, it was time to wait for us to be called individually into the room. Ayah was first, followed by me then Sadiq. I was not really nervous since I had already expected the oath-taking and questions about my intention to marry. Surprised even that it probably took less than 5 minutes for all of us combined. After it ended, Ayah and I were talking about the questions asked and this was where I realised something funny had occurred unknowingly.

Ayah shared that he was asked about the location of solemnization and he said that it was at home, when actually it was at the amphitheatre. So when it was my turn, I was asked the same thing as well to which I responded that it was at the amphitheatre and that I was aware of the need to alter the information. I remember noticing a puzzled look on the um, judge/ustaz’s face but dismissed it. On hindsight, he must have thought that the father of the bride was not informed at all about the change hahahaha my dad is so sembarang, according to him, “alah, nikah kat bawah ke atas sama aje, considered kat rumah la jugak eh Vie?”

After sending Sadiq home, Ibu and I sent Ayah off to work. Imagine my sweet surprise when I heard whispers at the backseat, followed by a, “Vie, gelang ape Vie? Seutas eh?”

“Seurat ..aik, Ayah practise nampak?”

“Takde lah, Ayah tanye je.”

After which I heard the whispers again from the backseat. Hahahaha taknak kalah, dah practise taknak admit plak tu. Ayah, Ayah…


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