Paint My World

I read somewhere that if someone makes you angry for hurting your pride, never wish for harm to befall on him/her. Instead, hope and pray that his/her heart will soften…

The above was saved as a draft entry a few days ago and I must have come across something somewhere that led me to such thoughts.

Hmm. I think my memory auto deletes sad/angry/bad thoughts almost immediately or something. Haha.

Well, that’s good since life itself is already so short, why make it shorter by feeling angry and keeping grudges hor.

Okay, on to happier topics!

Anyway, Sadiq and I have already painted our room ..white! I vehemently protested against the colour because I’ve always been used to very colourful walls (current bedroom is dark pink, living room is lime green, parents’ room is orange and kitchen is blue) in my house and to have white seems a little bit lemau, don’t you think?

We kinda had a hard time painting the walls at first due to the previous colour being turquoise, so it was a big COBAAN since we did it on the 2nd day of fasting month somemore. Can just imagine how dry our throats were after 8 hours of painting. We also took a lot teeny weeny breaks here and there so I bet it could have been much quicker.

Kudos to my future husband (hehe) for being extra hardworking! I am somewhat hopeless at it so he did 80% of the job. Many thanks to my superdad also who helped and hahahaha he eventually became our Tuan Director at the last few hours: “Ah Vie, sini masih nampak belak, kena tambah cat sikit…” (“Ah Vie, here can still see the paint not even, must add somemore…”)

Felt bad for Sadiq also because at the very last minute, he actually wanted to paint after breaking fast time; it was actually decided long ago that we do it in the morning. Since I’ve never fancied ideas to pop out suddenly, I refused hehe and he was such a sweetheart to comply. Of course, I had to bear his grumblings here and there lah, but that one small matter only… Nyehehe.

But seeeee. If we had done it after buka, it’d probably take us three to four nights to complete it, which would only mean by end of this week. Now I can happily shift the furniture around and start decorating our room. 😛


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