Glitter Lace Chiffon

…satin, organza, brocade, shantung. Where do I even begin…

After browsing through many inspirations to customize my wedding dress, I finally decided on a fabric and design. It was so hard to make a decision; being a girl, I was so overwhelmed with different types of fabrics to choose from. It was easy to know what I did not want to wear during our wedding.

A gown. That option was not on my list because somehow or other, I imagined myself not feeling comfortable in one so from day one, I knew that all I wanted to wear was a wedding dress.

My design direction was going haywire at one point in time. One minute I would set my mind on a fancy glittery dress, the next on an A-line type with soft, beautiful lace get my drift. It was pretty confusing. Until I decided that I should go back to the pattern I fell in love with when I first saw it…

Haha so dramatic hor. So we bought the materials (it would be a gift from Sadiq to me, kindly sponsored by my future mother in-law) and I wasted no time in sketching the design together with my tailor, who by the way has been awesome when sewing my outfits. I know that my solemnization and wedding dress will turn out fabulous in her hands, insya’Allah! 🙂

I’ll only be getting hold of them nearing Hari Raya so I’m really hoping that my weight maintains. I am actually very happy with the way I look now, but girls will be girls, there is this stubborn bulge around my waist and I believe this is partly why I have put on some weight. Boo hoo.

Speaking of weight, Sadiq has expanded! While I am happy that he’s fatfat just the way I want him to be, it seems that his proportions are not in balance. Ha ha poor guy just texted me the other day and said that we should go running together. Tu lah, dulu action kan, taknak exercise… (That’s why, last time action right, don’t want to exercise…)


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