Dee Ai Why

Soon, the time will come for me to ‘summon’ people. I’ve always felt that it is a pleasure to be summoned; people carefully choose and want you to be a part of a special day in their lives…

My list of people to invite has been settled some time ago so I’m glad I don’t have to start jotting down names. It’s all nicely typed out in an Excel sheet and every now and then, I revisit and make minor changes if I have to.

I found a printing service provider thanks to the recommendation of my girlfriend, paid a visit to the shop, got quoted an affordable price and worked on my potential designs immediately before making a final decision.

It was hard. I had several ideas up in my head, and even meticulous fully crafted one by one so that I could make comparisons. That was pure hard work. If you know me, creative juices are almost zilch so I can definitely say that I surpassed my own expectations in this.

Anyway, there’s just something fulfilling when it comes to personalizing your work. Up to date, this would be my newest DIY work on top of our tailor made solemnization and western outfits. Oh, it’s super super fun too when it comes to cracking our heads for ideas. It’s like one of the many tests of getting hitched for life: whether we would be able to bounce off and accept ideas without, um, biting each other’s heads off. Hehe.


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