Hey You, Suit Up

In the words of Barney Stinson, “Suits are full of joy. They’re the sartorial equivalent of a baby’s smile.”

Gotta love him and his huh-what-the-heck quotes in How I Met Your Mother man. Hur hur.

Following up on our outfits for our wedding reception, we (and my future in-laws!) made a trip to the tailor to create a suit for my groom to-be! We considered renting from bridal companies or buying one off the rack but Sadiq and I felt that it would be memorable to have our outfits sewn. Macam personalised gitu lah… Hehe…

I must say, we’re happy with the fabrics and colours chosen. Google’s been our best friend when it comes to needing inspirations. Sure hope that it turns out lovely just like what we have in mind.

My wedding favours have been collected bit by bit with the help of Ayah and Ibu. What would I do without them, really…

Truly blessed with amazing parents and future in-laws ..and of course, the most awesome fiancé in my world. Love deep deep.


4 thoughts on “Hey You, Suit Up

    • Hi Adha, thank you!

      My outfits were sent to my local tailor at Bedok while my fiance’s ones were done at Joo Chiat and JB. If you’re keen to know more, you can leave your e-mail address and I’ll be glad to share 🙂

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