Balik Kampung Oh Oh Oh

14-17 July 2012: the trip back to Padang to visit my grandaunt and aunts with my family and ..Sadiq!

I am still in awe as to how he was so cool weeks and days before the trip. Of it was me, I’d probably be too nervous to function properly. Or maybe he’s just a good actor. Hmm…

So anyway, this trip sealed the 3rd outfit for our wedding! Alhamdulilah. We tried on two outfits and were in a dilemma which to choose. Glad that my family was around to ease the decision-making process. 😀 And oh, it’s such a joy to see him embracing my Minangkabau culture into his life. Hehe.

The outfits are nicely tucked in our wardrobe now. Sadiq’s collecting his suit this coming weekend while mine will be ready in another two to three weeks’ time… Cannot wait!

Initially I was mentally prepared that we might not be able to have personalized outfits, if time does not permit. Everything has been going well so far and I am more than grateful that our families have been super helpful in this process.

I absolutely know that we will look back fondly at this experience. 🙂


Paint My World

I read somewhere that if someone makes you angry for hurting your pride, never wish for harm to befall on him/her. Instead, hope and pray that his/her heart will soften…

The above was saved as a draft entry a few days ago and I must have come across something somewhere that led me to such thoughts.

Hmm. I think my memory auto deletes sad/angry/bad thoughts almost immediately or something. Haha.

Well, that’s good since life itself is already so short, why make it shorter by feeling angry and keeping grudges hor.

Okay, on to happier topics!

Anyway, Sadiq and I have already painted our room ..white! I vehemently protested against the colour because I’ve always been used to very colourful walls (current bedroom is dark pink, living room is lime green, parents’ room is orange and kitchen is blue) in my house and to have white seems a little bit lemau, don’t you think?

We kinda had a hard time painting the walls at first due to the previous colour being turquoise, so it was a big COBAAN since we did it on the 2nd day of fasting month somemore. Can just imagine how dry our throats were after 8 hours of painting. We also took a lot teeny weeny breaks here and there so I bet it could have been much quicker.

Kudos to my future husband (hehe) for being extra hardworking! I am somewhat hopeless at it so he did 80% of the job. Many thanks to my superdad also who helped and hahahaha he eventually became our Tuan Director at the last few hours: “Ah Vie, sini masih nampak belak, kena tambah cat sikit…” (“Ah Vie, here can still see the paint not even, must add somemore…”)

Felt bad for Sadiq also because at the very last minute, he actually wanted to paint after breaking fast time; it was actually decided long ago that we do it in the morning. Since I’ve never fancied ideas to pop out suddenly, I refused hehe and he was such a sweetheart to comply. Of course, I had to bear his grumblings here and there lah, but that one small matter only… Nyehehe.

But seeeee. If we had done it after buka, it’d probably take us three to four nights to complete it, which would only mean by end of this week. Now I can happily shift the furniture around and start decorating our room. 😛

Glitter Lace Chiffon

…satin, organza, brocade, shantung. Where do I even begin…

After browsing through many inspirations to customize my wedding dress, I finally decided on a fabric and design. It was so hard to make a decision; being a girl, I was so overwhelmed with different types of fabrics to choose from. It was easy to know what I did not want to wear during our wedding.

A gown. That option was not on my list because somehow or other, I imagined myself not feeling comfortable in one so from day one, I knew that all I wanted to wear was a wedding dress.

My design direction was going haywire at one point in time. One minute I would set my mind on a fancy glittery dress, the next on an A-line type with soft, beautiful lace get my drift. It was pretty confusing. Until I decided that I should go back to the pattern I fell in love with when I first saw it…

Haha so dramatic hor. So we bought the materials (it would be a gift from Sadiq to me, kindly sponsored by my future mother in-law) and I wasted no time in sketching the design together with my tailor, who by the way has been awesome when sewing my outfits. I know that my solemnization and wedding dress will turn out fabulous in her hands, insya’Allah! 🙂

I’ll only be getting hold of them nearing Hari Raya so I’m really hoping that my weight maintains. I am actually very happy with the way I look now, but girls will be girls, there is this stubborn bulge around my waist and I believe this is partly why I have put on some weight. Boo hoo.

Speaking of weight, Sadiq has expanded! While I am happy that he’s fatfat just the way I want him to be, it seems that his proportions are not in balance. Ha ha poor guy just texted me the other day and said that we should go running together. Tu lah, dulu action kan, taknak exercise… (That’s why, last time action right, don’t want to exercise…)

Dee Ai Why

Soon, the time will come for me to ‘summon’ people. I’ve always felt that it is a pleasure to be summoned; people carefully choose and want you to be a part of a special day in their lives…

My list of people to invite has been settled some time ago so I’m glad I don’t have to start jotting down names. It’s all nicely typed out in an Excel sheet and every now and then, I revisit and make minor changes if I have to.

I found a printing service provider thanks to the recommendation of my girlfriend, paid a visit to the shop, got quoted an affordable price and worked on my potential designs immediately before making a final decision.

It was hard. I had several ideas up in my head, and even meticulous fully crafted one by one so that I could make comparisons. That was pure hard work. If you know me, creative juices are almost zilch so I can definitely say that I surpassed my own expectations in this.

Anyway, there’s just something fulfilling when it comes to personalizing your work. Up to date, this would be my newest DIY work on top of our tailor made solemnization and western outfits. Oh, it’s super super fun too when it comes to cracking our heads for ideas. It’s like one of the many tests of getting hitched for life: whether we would be able to bounce off and accept ideas without, um, biting each other’s heads off. Hehe.

Hey You, Suit Up

In the words of Barney Stinson, “Suits are full of joy. They’re the sartorial equivalent of a baby’s smile.”

Gotta love him and his huh-what-the-heck quotes in How I Met Your Mother man. Hur hur.

Following up on our outfits for our wedding reception, we (and my future in-laws!) made a trip to the tailor to create a suit for my groom to-be! We considered renting from bridal companies or buying one off the rack but Sadiq and I felt that it would be memorable to have our outfits sewn. Macam personalised gitu lah… Hehe…

I must say, we’re happy with the fabrics and colours chosen. Google’s been our best friend when it comes to needing inspirations. Sure hope that it turns out lovely just like what we have in mind.

My wedding favours have been collected bit by bit with the help of Ayah and Ibu. What would I do without them, really…

Truly blessed with amazing parents and future in-laws ..and of course, the most awesome fiancé in my world. Love deep deep.