Of The Unknown

I don’t deny that scary thoughts creep up inside my head day by day. All the ‘what ifs’ that I can think of. I’m a pretty optimistic person by nature and so, I try my very best not to think too much into it.

I’ll relate some thoughts to Sadiq once in a while, and despite the fact that he doesn’t like me to think of such ideas, I know he fears of the unthinkable too…

We’ll be okay, with God’s will.


89 Days

Good news #1: Just got down to finalizing my wedding invitation card yesterday. Remember how a few posts ago I said that Ibu was not too keen on my not-too-presentable idea ..well, she finally said yes! Hehe.

Good news #2: I’ve gotten an awesome deal for my tentage. All thanks to my future husband (oh, what would I do without you tee hee). So yey no more woes about the budget… 🙂

Good news #3: Sadiq is still contemplating on something that I’ve been wanting him to do. I’m psycho-ing him about it but he says he still needs time to think it over. Hahahaha I’m so naughty but everyone we spoke to have a thumbs up to that so hmm, I hope he says yes to it too! :p

Conversations About You And Me

Yesterday, over brunch, Sadiq and I chatted about our future. We talked about some particular changes in our lives that have been for the better and he mainly shared how he has felt a sense of calmness since. In fact, his temper has been a lot better over the years. We used to bicker about this; I, for one, have always been an advocate of peace when it comes to settling misunderstandings between us and I especially loathe it when people overreact to matters that can be talked and worked out in a simple manner.

Heart-to-heart conversations are love. I’m beginning to think that my man is not one of a few words, after all. Hehe.

Anyway, the conversation went on about our upcoming wedding, future home (insya’Allah), future car (insya’Allah) and all along I felt ..contented. In the past, we had conversations about our engagement, wedding, ambitions, dreams, etc and it’s really sweet to know that such conversations are slowly but surely becoming reality. Alhamdulilah. 🙂

Oh, we have collected his solemnization outfit yesterday. He looked so yummy (hee) and my head could not help but to conjure up images of him decked out in full gear. He was also very happy with the end result. Now, I cannot wait for mine to be ready!