Yey, Dah Boleh Nikah!

We had planned to attend the course six months prior to our wedding but circumstances did not permit. In March, something cropped up (I cannot remember what exactly) and we eventually wanted to settle for the one in April. But alas, Sadiq had to undergo his ankle operation and was instructed to rest full for more than a month, which only meant that we could register for the one in May.

Glad that the dates in May were suitable for us, ‘cos if it was any other weekend, we would have to forgo it. Fortunately we didn’t have to because the course surpassed our expectations in many ways.


We attended the course by Suchi Success. Needless to say, I enjoyed the course from start to end. Very informational and I believe I learnt more than I expected to. Heard good reviews from other friends who in turn recommended us to this and true enough, two thumbs up!

Highlight of the course would have to be the exchange of responses from Sadiq to me and vice versa. I recall giggling to myself whenever he gave silly but honest remarks in response to what I wrote. And oh, stealing tiny glances at each other whenever the facilitator spoke about something close to our hearts. That glance, for a split second, seemed to connote, “ah, dengar tu ape Ustaz cakap” (“ah, listen to what the Ustaz just mentioned”) and either of us would smirk if we felt guilty.

At the end of the course, we were tasked to write a mini love note to our partners. Being a man of few words, I was pleasantly surprised to read Sadiq’s words. 🙂

At the end of the day, there was a lucky draw and he won a guidebook. Definitely very useful. All in all, we’re truly happy that the course has been a memorable experience. We are certainly looking forward to learn more along the way as husband and wife, insya’Allah…


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