Four Months

Every 15th I get a little bit more butterflies in my tummy because time is zooming faster than expected. I cannot wait to get married. Mentel-ism at its best. Hehe.

Four months more to our wedding and lately, I’ve been settling the nitty gritty details such as the invitees’ list, invitation designs, obtaining tentage rental quotes among others.

I’ve gotten a quote from one tentage vendor and my eyes nearly popped out. Still finding for some more quotes so I hope I’ll settle this very soon. Sadiq’s contact is coming over tomorrow and I really hope that the quote is much lower!

As for invitation cards, I have something in mind but the Queen a.k.a Ibu doesn’t seem to fancy it so much. -.-

Been bookmarking images here and there, I believe I have enough inspirations to choose from but the list just keeps growing. My fickle-minded self doesn’t help too so yup, I should really stop searching for more designs… 😛


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