We’ll be celebrating a year of engagement on his birthday! How time flies. Still remember how it was like counting down to our mini big day (I couldn’t stop thinking about it, would share with Sadiq just how thankful I was that we are in this wonderful journey together every few days back then ..basically you get my drift, all the mushy stuff, hee) and now it’s our wedding… 🙂

I have a mini celebration planned out for him for being the sweetest to me. Nothing pleases me more seeing the love of my life happy.

These days, we’d text each other useful messages pertaining to marriage that we got from the Net. Sometimes we poke fun and add in a little mischief but at the end of it all, I know that we exchange such texts as sweet reminders of what is about to come. Sure makes me feel all warm inside when we discuss more about our marriage itself and not just about the wedding.

Come 15 June, it will be 3 months more to our big day! Three. Wow. And in that month itself, we’d also be busy with our future room, which is occupied by Kak Lis at present. Don’t wanna get started thinking about her moving out, ‘cos I’ll get all emotional. Sigh. 😦

So yup, looking forward to all the furniture moving and basically having a new roommate in 3 months’ time! Cannot wait lor. Tee hee.



Yey, Dah Boleh Nikah!

We had planned to attend the course six months prior to our wedding but circumstances did not permit. In March, something cropped up (I cannot remember what exactly) and we eventually wanted to settle for the one in April. But alas, Sadiq had to undergo his ankle operation and was instructed to rest full for more than a month, which only meant that we could register for the one in May.

Glad that the dates in May were suitable for us, ‘cos if it was any other weekend, we would have to forgo it. Fortunately we didn’t have to because the course surpassed our expectations in many ways.


We attended the course by Suchi Success. Needless to say, I enjoyed the course from start to end. Very informational and I believe I learnt more than I expected to. Heard good reviews from other friends who in turn recommended us to this and true enough, two thumbs up!

Highlight of the course would have to be the exchange of responses from Sadiq to me and vice versa. I recall giggling to myself whenever he gave silly but honest remarks in response to what I wrote. And oh, stealing tiny glances at each other whenever the facilitator spoke about something close to our hearts. That glance, for a split second, seemed to connote, “ah, dengar tu ape Ustaz cakap” (“ah, listen to what the Ustaz just mentioned”) and either of us would smirk if we felt guilty.

At the end of the course, we were tasked to write a mini love note to our partners. Being a man of few words, I was pleasantly surprised to read Sadiq’s words. 🙂

At the end of the day, there was a lucky draw and he won a guidebook. Definitely very useful. All in all, we’re truly happy that the course has been a memorable experience. We are certainly looking forward to learn more along the way as husband and wife, insya’Allah…

Four Months

Every 15th I get a little bit more butterflies in my tummy because time is zooming faster than expected. I cannot wait to get married. Mentel-ism at its best. Hehe.

Four months more to our wedding and lately, I’ve been settling the nitty gritty details such as the invitees’ list, invitation designs, obtaining tentage rental quotes among others.

I’ve gotten a quote from one tentage vendor and my eyes nearly popped out. Still finding for some more quotes so I hope I’ll settle this very soon. Sadiq’s contact is coming over tomorrow and I really hope that the quote is much lower!

As for invitation cards, I have something in mind but the Queen a.k.a Ibu doesn’t seem to fancy it so much. -.-

Been bookmarking images here and there, I believe I have enough inspirations to choose from but the list just keeps growing. My fickle-minded self doesn’t help too so yup, I should really stop searching for more designs… 😛