One Hundred And Fifty

The time has come for us to register our marriage online at ROMM tomorrow! Woohoo. A hundred and fifty days more.

Have been spending time together despite his operation and I have always believed that there’s a reason why such things occur. May be unpleasant to us but God knows best. In this case, I think He wanted Sadiq to get a break from his (almost 24/7) job. Hur hur.

So yup, as I was saying, I visit him every other day at his house, playing nurse to him. According to him, I make a good one, I’m all doubts but I guess that’s good to know? Hahahaha. He exploits me here and there, can be a big baby at times (I suspect he forgets that his hands are all okay) and be slightly demanding but all is fine because I keep reminding him that when it’s my turn (pregnancy, etc) he has got to give in to my every whim.

Okay so yeah 150 days! Sooner or later it’s just gonna be two digits. 😀


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