I’ve known you since I was 10 and if I could turn back time, I’d still want to get to know you all over again. I look forward to more new beginnings with you. 🙂


One Hundred And Fifty

The time has come for us to register our marriage online at ROMM tomorrow! Woohoo. A hundred and fifty days more.

Have been spending time together despite his operation and I have always believed that there’s a reason why such things occur. May be unpleasant to us but God knows best. In this case, I think He wanted Sadiq to get a break from his (almost 24/7) job. Hur hur.

So yup, as I was saying, I visit him every other day at his house, playing nurse to him. According to him, I make a good one, I’m all doubts but I guess that’s good to know? Hahahaha. He exploits me here and there, can be a big baby at times (I suspect he forgets that his hands are all okay) and be slightly demanding but all is fine because I keep reminding him that when it’s my turn (pregnancy, etc) he has got to give in to my every whim.

Okay so yeah 150 days! Sooner or later it’s just gonna be two digits. 😀


Sadiq has never gone for an operation of any sorts for the past 5 years that we’ve been together so it kinda worried me silly when he was told that he needed one on his left ankle.

His doctor detected a growth on one of the veins so it was scheduled for him to remove it as soon as possible. Alhamdulilah, all went well. We joked that Sadiq now has a nasty centipede which adds to his other collections. He has a small stitch mark on his forehead and a medium one at his chin.


It’s been two days since the operation, so I’ve been spending time at his home to accompany him. I doubt he can go out anytime soon, so I’ll be his faithful private nurse. Definitely not a chore, feels kinda powerful even, ‘cos when I say no, I mean business and he has to listen. Hahahaha.

I initially thought that he’d want me by his side 24/7 and I was prepared to cancel plans with my girlfriends. He didn’t mind and though I felt a little bad leaving him behind at his place, I knew I ought to give him more credit. :p

5 months and a day away to the most wonderful chapter of our lives, and I hope Allah will bless us with good health always. Insya’Allah. Amin.

Wedding Favours

The heat is on. Day by day, I’m striking off items from my wedding checklist ..while relief and satisfaction are certainly felt, this other feeling of OMG I AM GOING TO BE MARRIED IN LESS THAN SIX MONTHS’ TIME makes me want to slow time down so that I can bask in the full glory of counting down to that magical moment.

Looking back, it’s been more than 9 months since we got engaged? Orang yang pregnant dah jadi mummy eh…

As I was saying, the heat is on! Finally at the last stage of planning consisting of berkat, invites, guest list and the list goes on.

Went to JB yesterday with Ibu and Ayah to finalize my wedding favours. We decided on the berkat that Ibu fell in love with when we went to recce late last year. Signed and sealed (it’s a pity there’s no free delivery, kalau tak dah swee) by Ayah, so yey thank you!!!

We got a good discount somemore all thanks to the queen of bargain, Ibu! If there’s one trait of hers that I did not inherit, it’s definitely this. I cannot bargain to save my life. From $1 to $0.50 only maybe? So sad.

The initial plan for berkat was to DIY it, I thought of baking cookies! Haha but that kena shot down with senapang gajah from the queen ‘cos she didn’t want me to be all exhausted from baking. I reasoned that I enjoy baking a lot so it should be a breeze but well oh well, before I knew it we were at JB to find Kak Lis’ gubahan stuff and ta-dah the rest is history.

Anyway, there was a pameran pengantin at Angsana yesterday and I must say, their wedding vendors are very wow as expected! There were promos going on as I was very keen on one of the vendors’ wedding invitations services. Just like what I had in mind, and probably a quarter of what I’d pay in Singapore? Promo ends this Sunday though boo hoo but it’s okay, since I should still have about a month to go if I decide not to DIY. Kalau ade rezeki, mana tahu ade lagi eh.

That said, please please please ade lagi. Hehe.

Good Old Aladdin

Have finally found some time to get kain for the family’s outfits for my wedding! Initial plan was to head to KL but we settled for good ol’ Arab St. I must say that I’m very happy with the materials chosen. Loving the colours!

If there’s one thing that I realize about myself in this journey, it has got to be my super fickle-mindedness. One minute I may be set on this colour and what do you know, I’d be happily choosing another the next second. This is what happens when you see pretty colours. Hee hee…

So yeah! Striking that checklist bit by bit. Now now, to find time to go to the tailor to get my solemnization outfit done… :p