The End Is Near

What end, you wonder?

My part time classes! Finally. Yahoo. Been waiting for the end to come and it will finally be here come 5 March. The journey has been bittersweet, a mishmash of love and hate basically.

Looking back, it’s crazy. To have to sit throught three hours of lessons almost every weeknight. Seconds seem like hours all the time.

My social life almost went zilch. I am just glad that my weekends were not touched by classes, well, except for the occasional group work meetings and mugging for tests and reports. You have no idea just how much I valued my precious weekends. Hehe.

Will I do this again? I’ll think twice, thrice and 1001 times… :p

I’ll never say never, but let’s just say I’ll make sure I’ll take a good, long break should I decide to commit myself to books again in future. 🙂


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