Flying Free

Today is February 1st. One whole month in 2012 is gone. It’s true that when you grow older, time flies with a blink of an eye. Soon I’m gonna hit a quarter of a century and I can’t even begin to imagine how time will simply zoom by unknowingly. Which means ..waste no time! Live like there’s no tomorrow! You get my drift…

..which also means that I’m wasting no time in making sure that my wedding preparations are going smoothly. I’ve heard of brides to-be who have folders, files and whatnot of their plans and ideas. Truly awed! Me? I’m no organizer man. Hur hur, in fact I just scribbled down what I need onto sheets of paper. My planning skills ah… :p

Been going to several weddings and I really cannot stop imagining how mine will be like whenever I’m at one. Doesn’t help that I assist Abang Nur with his deco business too, so my imagination runs wild almost every week.

That said, I sure hope my town council people are nice souls such that they will grant me my choice of venue.

Next up, marriage preparation course! No bookings done yet but in March and April hopefully. Still feels all too surreal to be doing this and that related to marriage.

I never fail to go, “You… It’s x number of months now!” to Sadiq every time we discuss wedding-related stuff and hyperventilate here and there. But of course, he simply acts cool as a cucumber…


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