The End Is Near

What end, you wonder?

My part time classes! Finally. Yahoo. Been waiting for the end to come and it will finally be here come 5 March. The journey has been bittersweet, a mishmash of love and hate basically.

Looking back, it’s crazy. To have to sit throught three hours of lessons almost every weeknight. Seconds seem like hours all the time.

My social life almost went zilch. I am just glad that my weekends were not touched by classes, well, except for the occasional group work meetings and mugging for tests and reports. You have no idea just how much I valued my precious weekends. Hehe.

Will I do this again? I’ll think twice, thrice and 1001 times… :p

I’ll never say never, but let’s just say I’ll make sure I’ll take a good, long break should I decide to commit myself to books again in future. 🙂



When I was younger, I wanted to be a lawyer. You could say I was influenced by the Chinese serial dramas back then. Lawyers always looked so sophisticated.

I was also very much intrigued by gambling tricks. I always liked watching such shows. If you watched The Unbeatables, which starred Zoe Tay and Li Nanxing, you’d probably understand my fascination.

I have a dream, I don’t know whether I can materialize it considering the amount of sacrifices and what else but money to invest in. I don’t know how long it’ll take, but I know that someday I’ll get there.

Time is all that it takes, slowly but surely.

The Man Box

Yesterday’s class was an eye-opener. One of the videos I watched () left me thinking that I was glad the lecturer left it to the very end. I would not have been able to focus so much if the otherwise happened. So many emotions in that span of 3 hours that I almost immediately had to share them.

Sadiq came to fetch me so as soon as I saw him, I let it out. For the first 10 minutes of our ride, I went on and on about how I felt. I don’t really know whether he caught all of it, but it felt good to unleash, and I guess I needed just that.

I think he did pay attention because he asked relevant questions which made me go, “Oh, he actually listened to all that!”

My boy’s a sweetheart.

Flying Free

Today is February 1st. One whole month in 2012 is gone. It’s true that when you grow older, time flies with a blink of an eye. Soon I’m gonna hit a quarter of a century and I can’t even begin to imagine how time will simply zoom by unknowingly. Which means ..waste no time! Live like there’s no tomorrow! You get my drift…

..which also means that I’m wasting no time in making sure that my wedding preparations are going smoothly. I’ve heard of brides to-be who have folders, files and whatnot of their plans and ideas. Truly awed! Me? I’m no organizer man. Hur hur, in fact I just scribbled down what I need onto sheets of paper. My planning skills ah… :p

Been going to several weddings and I really cannot stop imagining how mine will be like whenever I’m at one. Doesn’t help that I assist Abang Nur with his deco business too, so my imagination runs wild almost every week.

That said, I sure hope my town council people are nice souls such that they will grant me my choice of venue.

Next up, marriage preparation course! No bookings done yet but in March and April hopefully. Still feels all too surreal to be doing this and that related to marriage.

I never fail to go, “You… It’s x number of months now!” to Sadiq every time we discuss wedding-related stuff and hyperventilate here and there. But of course, he simply acts cool as a cucumber…